c Million Dollar Health Professional Profit Club plus 1-on-1 Consulting and Seminars for increased profits

Paul Wright Paul Wright, former owner of 6 highly successful health clinics, is living proof that the ultimate health business lifestyle is possible!!!!

"If You Have 60 Minutes a Month, I Guarantee You
a Health Business That Earns More Money,
Requires Less Time, and Attracts Top Quality Clients"

Like most health professionals YOU are an excellent clinician – but YOU are so time poor and busy you don’t have enough time for your family and friends. Life may be passing you by while you are at work and away from home.

BUT there is a better way, fellow Health Professional Paul Wright can show you how to create a "turn-key" health business that makes money for you while you're at home, on holidays, or spending time with your family...just like he has done. 

Paul Wright is living proof this “Ultimate Health Business Lifestyle” is possible. He owned 6 successful clinics yet still spent more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week.

The video below will take you inside the members only "Profit Club" pages so you can see the great materials and resources you get as soon as you join.

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Even when Paul owned multiple clinics - he was still able to spend most of his time with his family and friends, at the beach, or at home working on his latest projects - such as Profit Club or his One Minute Practice program.

But it wasn't always like this – when Paul opened his first health business more than 20 years ago, he:

  • treated clients from the crack of dawn until late in the evening
  • charging low consultation fees
  • arrived home exhausted and burnt out each night
  • missing out on family time and school events
  • wasted valuable time doing the clinic laundry, banking and monthly invoicing


It was only after years of this painful and soul destroying routine that Paul finally discovered a better way to run his health business – that allowed him to leverage his skills and experience to get his clinics to run without him – and freeing him to be wherever he wants – whenever he wants.

There is a better way to have a great health business and a great lifestyle - just like Paul does !!!

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Paul Will Show You How He Did It in his "Profit Club" Program

Imagine a membership program that gave you unlimited access to 20 years of Paul's best:

  • posters
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • lectures
  • MP3 recordings
  • lecture handouts
  • tools that saved you hours and hours each and every week so you can spend more time with your family and friends and doing the things you love to do

Imagine that this program also gave you:

  • Instant access to the Profit Club Academy health business training vault - with over 70 business training sessions broken down into TEN easy to digest categories.
  • a CD posted to you each month totally geared to increasing your health business profits - the session will also be available for instant access in the Profit Club members area each month.
  • A FREE Health Business Building DVD of YOUR Choice from the current range of NINE business training sessions (valued at $125) - posted to you as soon as you join.
  • A FREE DVD "Developing Your Dream team - Hiring, Firing and Retaining Health Professionals" - Valued at $125 - posted to you as soon as you join
  • 3 FREE Business Building Audio CDs (valued at $150) posted to you - plus available for instant download as soon as you join.
  • Paul's "Double Your Profits and Halve Your Work" 8 CD series as part of your continuing "Profit Club" membership - also available in the Profit Club Members area.
  • 100% money back guarantee

What's Included in Paul's Profit Club Membership Program?

1. Instant Access to the Profit Club Academy

When we started the Profit Club program back in January 2010, the audio CD training sessions were specifically designed for health business owners.

However, over the years the nature of health business ownership has changed - and many of our long term members began using the Profit Club CD's to increase the business and marketing knowledge of their therapists and administration teams.

Some members even used the sessions as a recruitment tool to entice professionals who wanted to expand their communication skills, increase patient compliance, and improve client fulfillment.

As a result we created the Profit Club Academy - which gives you and your team instant access to a comprehensive online library of over 70 Profit Club training sessions - broken up into 10 key business training categories - including:

Section One: Health Business Marketing and Business Development
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Two: How to Improve Communication Skills and Build Better Client Relationships
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Three: How to Increase Patient Retention and Improve Customer Service
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Four: How to Increase New Patient Numbers with Online Marketing Strategies
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Five: How to Increase Business Success Using Offline Marketing Strategies
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Six: The Psychology of Business, Money and Health Care - What We Did Not Learn at University
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Seven: How to Develop a Success Mindset in Health Care
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Eight: Business Opportunities and Areas of Future Business Growth
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Nine: How to Build a Great Business by Understanding the Finances of Health Care
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

Section Ten: How to Keep Motivated and Team Development Essentials
Click Here to see a list of all training sessions in this section of the Profit Club Academy

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2. CD of the Month - Also Made Available Online in the Members Area

Each month you will be mailed a CD (plus the session will be added to the Profit Club Academy section in our Members Area) of an interview Paul has done with a top marketing and health business expert covering items such as marketing, website search engine optimization, getting more clients, increasing referrals, leadership, customer service and other current issues and opportunities for health care businesses owners.

3. Pauls "Double Your Profits and Halve Your Work - an 8 Step Guide to Business Freedom for Health Professionals" CD series

Each alternate month of your "Profit Club" membership you will receive one of Paul Wrights 8 CD set "Double Your Profits and Halve Your Work - an 8 Step Guide to Business Freedom for Health Professionals" - and will include a "homework sheet" where you can action the steps that Paul recommends in the journey to FREE yourself from your business - just like he has done.

We believe that you should be seeing clients because you want to - not because you have to - Paul's "8 Step Program" can set you FREE and put you back in control of your health business.

This 8 Step Program will also become available to you in the Profit Club Members area at the appropriate stage of your membership - with Step One training and homework available for immediate use as soon as you join.

4. Unlimited access to a range of marketing resources on the "Member Only Profit Club" website

Soon you can have unlimited access to high performing posters, vouchers, signs, letter templates, seminars, handouts and newsletters Paul and his team have developed and used successfully over more than 20 years in their health care business. How much time will you save by being able to simply copy and paste these items in your business?

Some of the member only content available on the site includes:

14 Doctors Letters and Promotional Materials – cut and paste the full letters or just the sections that you like to increase referrals and relationships with local doctors.

24 General Business Development Items - a mixture of templates, clinic systems and marketing materials that will increase your clinic productivity and business results.

27 Business Building Audio Files – these audio business files represent hours of information that will add thousands to your bottom lines – don’t waste valuable learning time listening to the radio – get your head into self development – there is always time to learn with audio files.

56 Patient and Client Newsletters – Paul and his team currently spend more than 2 days a month specifically writing these newsletters to send to patients and referrers – you can have access to them all. Simply cut and paste the text that you like to build your own newsletter. There is even a blank template that you can use to build your own e-newsletter and start sending immediately – we wish someone had done this for us – it is a pain to continually think up new content for newsletters and takes Paul hours to do – think of the time this will save you each month (assuming you have e newsletters – and if you don't – you do now!!!)

30 Posters and Signs – we are fortunate to have had some really talented creative design people in the Get Active team over the years who have designed and produced a range of posters and signs that you can use and modify to promote your products and services – simply add your clinic details to the template – this can radically increase the professionalism of your business, increase point of sale transactions, improve new patient numbers and save you even more valuable time.

22 Protocols and Procedures – we have selected 22 of the best business protocols including front desk scripts, sales measurement tools, and cross referral protocols that will immediately increase your revenue – each of these procedures took Paul weeks to develop and years to perfect – yet they are all available to you immediately at the "Profit Club" members-only site.

23 Seminar Outlines, Posters and Handouts – this section includes some simple seminar handouts, outlines and posters that I have delivered to raise the profile of my business – there is nothing more powerful in marketing than to be the expert at the front of the room – use these seminars to build your business NOW.

13 Vouchers and Other Marketing Materials – again most of us have no idea about graphic design so I have added a list of some of our most effective vouchers and flyers that have helped Get Active over the years – copy, paste, add your details and you are in business – again saving you hours and hours of work and expensive design fees.

5 Financial Tools to Track your Health Business Success – those of you who have been to Paul's seminars or watched his DVDs know that one of his favourite sayings is “What you can Measure you can Manage” – Paul has included here a few of his favourite spreadsheets and measurement tools that he uses every day to monitor the performance of his clinics – simply change the headings and you are on your way to better understanding your business performance.

New Content – in this section Paul will regularly add material to the "Members Only" pages - it may be a new MP3 recording, a new clinic newsletter from an associated clinic, a new voucher that has worked well or a poster that a member requested on the forum - that way the site is always developing and continuing to add value to your health business - Paul has just written a fantastic joint venture letter that he will put on the site- why should the new owners of Paul's clinics be the only people that benefits from these materials? That is why Paul made sure he kept the intellectual property rights to all his material, posters, documents, manuals and templates when he finally sold his clinics.

5. Listen in on Paul's Own Personal One on One Coaching Sessions
As a special "Profit Club Member Bonus" Paul also places a recording each month of his own private coaching session with his personal marketing coach - internet guru - Terry Dean.

You get to be a fly on the wall as Paul and Terry discuss in depth topics such as online marketing, advert design, Google Adwords, webinar creation, seminar marketing, email follow up systems, magazine advertising, scripting of sales presentations, software, link building and many other online and offline business strategies and tips that all health professionals will benefit from in their own marketing programs.

Paul pays over $1000 a month for these coaching sessions, however you get to listen in as part of your monthly Profit Club membership.

Paul is basically giving you unlimited access to his computer hard drive where he has stored more than 20 years of material all geared at increasing profits and saving you time in your health business. Don't waste months and even years of your precious time re-inventing this stuff - it's all available to you NOW at the "Million Dollar Health Professional - Profit Club Membership Program".

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Paul has saved you over $100,000 by giving you access to this material. He has personally invested:
  • 20 years of trial and error experience in running a health care business - saving you from his slow and costly mistakes
  • More than 2 years of painstaking effort to collect and brand the materials for you to use and benefit from
  • Weeks accessed experts in all areas of business that regularly charge more than $1000 per hour for their services ( one of the speakers charges $7000 for the same 60 minute presentation he outlines on his interview with Paul)
  • Over $50,000 in wages to his own team to develop the same posters, newsletters and vouchers that you can access instantly.
  • More than $30,000 on self education, seminars and coaching programs to ensure these materials work and are backed by the most up to date and latest information.
These materials will save you:
  • At least 2 hours each week on newsletter design and layout alone - these are already done for you
  • More than 2 hours a week on poster design and voucher creation - use our templates and ideas
  • Hundreds of wasted dollars each week on marketing materials and ideas - these are already in the program and ready for you to access NOW.

So How Much is it to Join Profit Club?

Coaching programs, seminars and workshops can cost you thousands of dollars each and every month – not including lost revenue when away from your business, travel and accommodation expenses. This program allow you to access the materials only when you need them and also to learn whilst in your car or whilst exercising.

The popularity of this program and its worldwide appeal allows you to benefit from this great program for only  $97 (AUD) a month – and you can cancel at any time.

The information available to you as a member of this program can and will save you hours and hours of valuable time that you can spend growing your business even further or spend with your family and friends.

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Special Limited-Time Bonus Offers:

As a special bonus if you register NOW you will also receive the following for FREE:

Special Bonus #1:

# Your choice of one of Paul's "Million Dollar Health Professional" DVDs
Valued at $125 AUD

Select your preferred DVD from those available on the registration page - sessions include How to Increase Profits from Your Health Care Business, How to Get Out of Your Health Care Business and Have More Life, Marketing for Maximal Profits and How to Make This Year Your Best Ever - previews of these DVD can be found here.

If you are new to Paul Wrights Million Dollar Health Professional DVDs we suggest you request "Part One - How to Increase Profits from Your Health Business" as this session sets the foundation for all other presentations in the series.

(Note: if you already have the full set of 9 presentations you can choose your FREE DVD from our technical range instead).

Special Bonus #2:

# A FREE DVD "Developing Your Dream team - Hiring, Firing and Retaining Health Professionals" - Valued at $125 - posted to you as soon as you join

Hiring, firing and recruitment is one of the biggest health business issue s- and none of us receive any training on this vital business topic in our University training. In this LIVE DVD - Paul lifts the lid on his biggest health business hiring mistakes and tells you exactly how to find, train and retain high quality health professionals and admin team members for your health business.

Special Bonus #3:

# FREE CD "My Biggest Ever Health Business Mistakes" with Health Business Expert – Paul Wright
Valued at $75 AUD

In this fabulous presentation Paul reveals the secrets to running a successful health business, the biggest mistakes we all make in health care consulting, the steps we need to take to get paid what we are worth and how to re-ignite the passion we once had for our profession. Paul has personally assisted hundreds of health business owners to increase business profits and regain their lives – this CD alone can get you started in the next stage of your health business career.

Special Bonus #4:

# FREE CD "How Your Website Can Make Money for Your Health Business" with Web Guru - Derek Recsei
Valued at $75 AUD

In this presentation web developer and web marketer Derek Recsei from Website design company Web Ascend - explains the truth behind website design and why most web designers produce sites that actually reduce their clients profits, why your website is costing you money and the steps you need to take to make your website a selling machine that makes you money each and every day. This CD is an invaluable resource for any health business owner looking to get online, sell online or simply revamp their current site – this CD alone is worth 12 months membership.

Special Bonus #5:

# Raise Your Consultation Fees and Product Prices Using Our "How to Increase Prices in Private Practice" script - download from the Members Area as soon as you join

Special Bonus #6:

# Increase Utilization and Profits with the "Ultimate Health Business Cancellation Policy" protocol and script - download from the Members Area as soon as you join

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Our Famous Risk Reversal Guarantee

If you don't think the information you receive from Paul – ie the DVD's, the bonus CD's, access to the Profit Club Academy session and the other information on the "member only" website - is what you expected and has not added much more than $97 value to your health business then simply return the materials and we will send you a full refund – no questions asked.

To cancel your membership simply email us at admin@healthbusinessprofits.com - and we will take care of the rest – there is no risk to you.

If you do decide to stay in the program we will debit your credit card for the agreed amount of $97 (AUD) each month and you will keep receiving the CD of the month, instant access to the MP3 version and will maintain access to the "Member Only" website and Academy.

Feel safe in the fact that you can cancel your membership at any time and we will simply stop debiting your credit card, your membership access will be cancelled and your monthly CDs will not be sent – there is no obligation to stay in the program if you don't want to – remember we are not happy unless you are – that's our guarantee to each and every member.

Just so you don't miss anything - here is a summary of what you get when you join:

Your initial $97 Investment in Profit Club Membership includes:

DVD - DVD of Your Choice from Our Business DVD Range ($125 Value) FREE
DVD - Hiring, Firing and Retaining Health Professionals ($125 Value) FREE
CD One (Plus Instant MP3 access) - Work Life Balance ($75 Value) FREE
CD Two (Plus Instant MP3 access) - Business Mistakes in Health Care ($75 Value) FREE
CD Three (Plus Instant MP3 access) - Website Mistakes in Health Care ($75 Value) FREE
Hard Copy of “How to Run a One Minute Practice (Plus Instant pdf access) ($36 Value) FREE
"How to Increase Prices in Private Practice" script - instant download from the members area ($45 Value) FREE
"Ultimate Health Business Cancellation Policy" protocol - instant download from the members area ($45 Value) FREE
Instant Access to the Profit Club Members Only Website and Profit Club Academy Online Business Training Library $97

Total Value: OVER $600
Your Price Only: $97

Then each and every month you will receive your next CD in the mail (PLUS receive online access to the next session) and continuing access to the "Members Only Profit Club" website.

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What Current “Profit Club” members say about the program:

“Profit Club has really assisted my business progress – the printed materials and insights from experts in the industry save me lots of time and effort every month. I would definitely recommend Profit Club to all health business owners” Darren Stuchbery – Physiotherapist

“I want to work less and Profit Club has shown me many ways to increase profits. In our massage therapy courses there is a lack of business education – so Profit Club fills that gap. This program is essential for all business owners in health care” Grant Jacobs – Massage Therapist

“The biggest thing I get out of Profit Club and the structure of the sessions – I only have 2 hands so my business is limited - but Profit Club has taught me other ways to increase my profits. I would definitely recommend Profit Club to health professionals as we basically have no clue about how to run a business – and Profit Club gives me great tools to help in my health businesses” Dian Parry – Osteopath

“Profit Club has been great for me from a management point of view but also fantastic for my managers and staff in terms of productivity, time management and the tools from Pauls site are very helpful – I definitely recommend being involved” Mark Round – Physiotherapist

“I have got some brilliant ideas out of Profit Club that have made me a stack of money. Any health professional will get a lot out of the information in the Profit Club program” Gary Thompson - Personal Trainer

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  • What Paul's Team Said About Him Never Being At His Clinics Before He Sold Them

    “It is 100% true what Paul says - he only ever shows up here once a fortnight - at best.”

    Brendan Wright - Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager

    “In terms of how often I see the boss - I have been here nearly 18 months and I have not seen him more times than I can count on two hands.”

    Sean Cooney - Physiotherapist

    “It's true - Paul is only here twice a month and it is actually worse when he is here - as we are on the edge of our seats making sure we get our scripts and systems right - it actually runs better without him here.”

    Wendy Hartley - Admin Manager

    “Most people think I am the owner because they have never seen Paul.”

    Jason Bradley - Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager

    What Some Current Profit Club Members Have Said About Profit Club

    “I have been a member of Profit Club for 3 years and it has been great for my business and great for my family. It has made my clinic a lot better place to work.”

    Jacinta Horan - Physiotherapist - New Zealand

    “I am really enjoying the CDs that I can listen to in the car - I would recommend Profit Club to all health business owners.”

    Eileen Carroll - Physiotherapist - New Zealand

    “I have been in Profit Club for over a year and a half and it is great - I can just copy and paste newsletters, posters and signs - and the CD's are excellent.”

    Alex Blazhevskyiy - Physiotherapist - New Zealand

    “I have been a member of Profit Club for several years and what I love about it is being able to take the time out of the daily grind of seeing patients and spend some time focusing on the business side of things. The monthly expert CD is invaluable - you will learn heaps - and I recommend you get on board.”

    Ian Lawson - Chiropractor - Sydney, Australia

    “I have been a member of Profit Club for over 3 years and I have gained exceptional value each and every month I am involved - there is over 20 years of Paul's expertise available in the program which provides immense value to all of us.”

    Jerome Finkelstein - Physiotherapist and owner of Cremorne Physiotherapy and Pilates - Sydney, Australia

    “I have known Paul Wright and his Profit Club program for many years - my hat goes off to the quality of this program and the difference this program makes to our industry.”

    Justin Johnson - Physiotherapist and Owner of Phyzx - Orange, Australia

    “Thanks Paul for the great Profit Club program - I cannot stop listening to the CD's and am always finding another golden nugget to learn and implement into my business. Profit Club should be mandatory for other health professionals and no Paul has not given me any money or inducements to make these comments as the program has paid for itself many times over.”

    Ian Tran - Owner Back In Motion Braybrook Melbourne - Former Board Member of Victorian Physiotherapy in Business Association

    “I have been in Paul Wright's Profit Club program for over 3 years and I really enjoy it - Paul is always offering his unique ideas and I get so much information out of him for such a little fee - I think he should put up his prices. There is always new content on the site so I basically get access to Pauls computer hard drive for all my marketing resources.”

    Rick Chiang - Owner Pain Free Physio - Brisbane

    “All the tools that come with Paul's program are very helpful so I would recommend being involved.”

    Mark Round - Physiotherapist

    “The program has been fantastic and really keeps me on track.”

    Peter Dolan - Physiotherapist

    “I have got some great ideas that have made me quite a stack of money.”

    Gary Thompson - Personal Trainer

    “I would definitely recommend being part of Profit Club as health professionals have no clue about running a health business.”

    Dian Parry - Osteopath

    “After 20 years I was a bit lost, felt trapped in my health business and was not running it well enough - I was trained as a Physio and not as a businessman. I was looking for help from another health professional who knows about health care so I joined Profit Club - the CD's and Pauls availability on the forum have been great for my business. It is ethical and there is no compromise of my professional standards - highly recommended.”

    Greg Diamond - Owner Cottesloe Physiotherapy Centre - Perth

    “I would definitely recommend Profit Club - I have been a member for only a few months but have already noticed positive changes in my practice. I have really enjoyed the guidance and structure as well as using the experience of other professionals.”

    David Campbell - Owner Active Rehab and Physiotherapy - Sydney

    “All the content on the Profit Club website is very useful and this has definitely improved the performance of my business as a whole.”

    Bertrand Doeuk - Physiotherapist - Brisbane