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Imagine Being the One Business in Town Whose Legendary Service is Raved About Like a 10-Year-Old Just Returning from Walt Disney World...

Imagine Having “Walk-On-Burning-Coals” Team Member Loyalty – JUST Like Disney Does...

Imagine Owning a Business FULL of Clients and Team Members Who LOVE the Experience and Stay With You for a LIFETIME...

Find Out HOW When a Real Disney Insider Shares Their Closely Guarded Secrets With You and Your Team in:
"The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System"
Done for You Team Training on How to Delight Clients, Create an Irresistible Team Culture and Make the Competition Irrelevant

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO to Find Our More About How "The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience" Can Grow Your Health Business

Does This Describe You?

  • You are a health business owner frustrated by high team turnover and sick of potential team members making employment decisions based on wage alone?
  • You wish you knew how to get your clients to automatically talk about you, send you referrals and pay whatever you decide to charge?
  • You wish your team happily stayed at your business, delivering unbelievable client outcomes, year on year – without excessive wage demands?
  • You wish your clients and patients committed to every recommendation from your team without comparing you on price or questioning how much their insurance will pay?
  • Your team members find it hard to ask for Google reviews and you wish there was a way to generate reviews on autopilot?
  • You would love to know how to make the competition irrelevant so you could charge what you liked and have ZERO price resistance?
  • You would love to know how to deliver such incredible experiences to your clients they can’t resist telling their family and friends, reducing your need for expensive advertising campaigns?

Well FINALLY - here is your solution!!!!

"The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System"
Done for You Team Training on How to Delight Patients, Create an Irresistible Team Culture and Make the Competition Irrelevant

This incredible program will give you the clarity, direction and peace of mind that comes from understanding EXACTLY how the world’s best customer service juggernaut (Disney) gets unparalleled customer loyalty, unbelievable team retention and makes raving fans out of even the most hardened consumer.

By the end of this program you and your team will have your exact step by step Disney-like customer service and team training system – no more uncertainty, stress or worry that happens when you don’t know how to build an incredible business culture.

This amazing program will be led by one of the USA’s leading Disney experts – Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris.

Vance spent more than 10 years working for the mouse at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. He was on the opening team of the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, a Night Club Manager at Pleasure Island, Service Trainer aboard the Empress Lilly and on the revitalization team of the Contemporary Resort. At the Contemporary, Vance got his crowning achievement, designing, opening and operating Chef Mickey’s, Disney’s flagship Character Dining experience.

After leaving Disney (yes, people do leave) Vance utilized his skills to rescue or improve many of America’s leading companies and government agencies – including Legal Seafoods, NASA, Rain Forest Cafe, Compass Group, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Burleson Orthodontics Group.

Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris Paul Wright and Friend
Vance “The Disney Guy” Morris
Paul Wright and Friend

Joining Vance in this program is leading Australian health business expert and self-confessed Disney tragic - Paul Wright.

Paul is a Physiotherapist and health business owner who has been in the trenches just like you, having previously owned 6 health clinics while running them from his home office and visiting each clinic for a few hours each week or two.

Paul has also been to almost all of the Disney parks around the world, multiple times, and has been astounded by Disney’s customer service, systems and team compliance strategies since his first visit to Disneyland LA many years ago.

Which is why this program (and getting the insiders view of Disney) is such a special opportunity for all business owners.

Aside from co-creating the program, Paul personally held Vance’s feet to the fire during program production to ensure...

Every Single Disney Strategy and Secret Vance Shares has Direct and Meaningful Application to Your Health Business

This comprehensive team training system also includes bonus training from ELEVEN (11) of the world's leading customer service gurus who share their own secrets on how to ensure every client and patient has an unbelievable experience when dealing with your business and team.

Let’s face facts - most health business owners are so overwhelmed and time poor, they fail to train their teams effectively on how to deliver great customer service, how to generate word of mouth referrals or how to stand out from the competition.

Many just don’t know where to start.

Instead they rely on the odd team meeting, and hope some of their team members improve their customer service and clients speak positively about the business to their family and friends.

Not a great way to run a business – but a guaranteed path to owner burnout, frustration, team turnover, fatigue and poor work/life balance.

After completing this program you AND YOUR TEAM will know, with pinpoint certainty, exactly how to deliver outstanding customer service and make every client visit a memorable one.

As an employer you will have the exact strategies to make your business the ONLY choice when it comes to successfully recruiting team members.

This alone will save you hours of time, make you thousands of dollars in extra profit, increase team retention and deliver greatly improved client outcomes.

Not only that - Vance, Paul and the ELEVEN (11) experts will share:

  • The 10 rules that ensure your team delivers incredible customer service from the moment the client contacts your business (one of these rules can bring in over 100 Google reviews).
  • How Disney gets ALL of their 85,000 Orlando team members to follow every single protocol to the letter (plus the secret strategy you can use to guarantee 100% compliance from your team).
  • How to use the secret PSR (a key part of the Disney Magic system) to dramatically improve your client satisfaction and increase profits.
  • How Disney is able to recruit, train and retain the absolute best team members for their business – even though Disney pays lower than average wages.
  • What Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney can teach us about developing insatiable team loyalty – and why knowing this can transform the culture and the results in your business
  • How to understand “The Canyon” and use Disney style top notch patient service to build a bridge that makes your business untouchable by your local competition
  • Why Disney has four – YES ONLY FOUR – iron clad service standards and how to implement the same ones in your business to improve team morale, create consistently happy customers, and generate new referrals Xautomatically.
  • Why “Culture is King” and how to use the Disney Team Scorecard to measure team engagement, reduce team turnover and make hiring new team members an absolute breeze.
  • Disney unique step-by-step system to recruit, induct and train their team members – so they deliver incredible client experiences every single time.
  • How you can use the same Disney system to dramatically increase the number of applicants you receive for each position - regardless of the wage you are offering.
  • How to use Disney’s mastery of storytelling to instantly motivate every client and team member to feel they are part of something more than just a health business (give purpose and passion to your team members).
  • How Mickey Mouse visited 400 people in 43 minutes yet each guest lelt feeling exhilarated and special…Imagine what you will be able to do in a 20-30 minute consultation once you know this Disney secret
  • Delight each and every client while putting more money in your pocket every month with Vance’s “7 Keys to Disnify Your Business” checklist (Disney’s massive 700 page team training manual condensed down to just one page).

What Can Vance’s Disney Secrets and the Other Experts in This Program Do for Your Business?

In a recent Harvard Business Review article on customer loyalty, the authors presented evidence showing satisfied customers (on a scale or 1-5) who only score the business a four are six times more likely to defect than a customer who scores a five.

To put it another way, there is a six-fold increase in customer loyalty between the fours and fives.

Disney does not present guest satisfaction scores to its cast members; it only shares the percentage of guests who rate it a five.

You see, Disney does not measure satisfaction, it measures 5-Star LOYALTY.

Loyalty is the only fortification and safeguard any business has when up against the competition who want to steal your hard-earned clients.

Over 25 million guests visit Walt Disney World each year, spending billions of dollars in order to experience Disney’s magic, and over EIGHTY percent of those guests have been there before!

Generating fierce and passionate client (guest) loyalty is at the heart of Disney World’s business strategy and that same strategy can be easily implemented in your business using the secrets Vance will share at this amazing program.

AND - Let’s Face the Facts – Your Team Won’t Listen to YOU.

No matter how good you are at training your team, putting in protocols and measuring team performance – there comes a time when your team members just won’t listen to you.

They have heard it all from you before and at the end of the day think you are just trying to make more money for yourself by rambling on about customer service, follow up calls and client feedback scores.

Assuming you even have these steps in place at all.

Which is why this is such an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading customer service experts, so you and your team walk away from this program motivated, enthusiastic and with the exact customer service strategies you have been desperately trying to find for years.

What Business Expert and Program Contributor Steve Jensen Said About the Live “Ultimate Client Experience” Event Which He Actually Attended

What Other Professionals said about Vance Morris and His Training Programs:

In a world awash in poor or non-existent customer service, it is rare to find someone who so thoroughly understands the importance of a superior customer service experience and how to engage your employees in creating a system that works like magic. Vance Morris is our go-to resource for improving the service of our own private practices and the practices of our coaching clients throughout the world. No one knows this area better than Vance.”

Dr. Dustin Burleson - Director of Burleson Orthodontics and Burleson Seminars - The Gold Standard in Orthodontic Practice Consulting

I have been to many customer service events but this has been by far the best – I know by taking back the secrets I learnt today it is going to change my life, the life of my staff members and my community

Ricardo Guillen - Dentist, Harlington, Texas

“I know a lot about Disney but Vance showed me customer service secreta I didn't even know – you have to listen to this guy

Mike Crow - Business Owner

So What Exactly Is Included in "The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System"?

The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System

(a) 4 DVD's of Vance Morris’ Live Presentation (these sessions are also included in MP4 format in the USB drive included with this program)

The pack includes 4 DVD's (and MP4's on USB) of the presentations from the live "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience" training event - perfect for you and your team to watch - pause - and complete the "fill in the blanks" manual.

DVD One (and in MP4 on the USB Drive):

Module 1 - Planning Your Ultimate Client Experience

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The 6 essential components every business has in common with Disney and why you must identify them in your business NOW to ensure team and client loyalty.
  • The MASSIVELY expensive disconnect between what your customers think versus what you think, and how bridging this gap will instantly increase client loyalty.
  • The real cost of poor customer service and how to improve it instantly.
  • Exactly who your competition really is and why understanding this can add thousands to your bottom line.
  • How to price your product or service so it is congruent with your business – are you charging what you are really worth?
  • Why 52% of consumers said they will pay more for a good experience and how to increase your fees and profits, without losing a single client

DVD Two (and in MP4 on the USB Drive):

Module 2 - The WOW Component

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The 4 triggers consumers use when making a buying decision and the absolute holy grail you MUST have to succeed in business.
  • How to creating an experience out of the many regular and mundane things that happen in your busines every day.
  • This ONE thing will set you apart from your competition, and we guarantee your competition is not doing it.
  • Why most of your competitors are too lazy, too stupid or too broke to use this simple strategy which can increase your sales by over 25%.
  • How to use the “5:10 Rule” to drive a flood of new clients into your business.

Module 3 - Details, Details, Details

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • What Walt Disney did to ensure the profitability of his business and how you can use the exact same strategy in your practice, so you can survive even the harshest recession.
  • How Walt Disney created an experience out of weeds, crabgrass and dandelions and how you can too.
  • How a 3rd century Chinese Prince generates mega bucks for Disney and how you can adapt that strategy to increase your business profits.
  • How to use the “Roger Rabbit” system to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • How to provide a “Ferrari experience on a Ford budget” for your clients and patients on each and every visit.

DVD Three (and in MP4 on the USB Drive):

Module 4 - Employee Magic

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The global employment issues facing businesses and why your current recruitment system is not working - assuming you even have one.
  • The Number ONE reason guests return to Disney and how to put this re-activation system into your business for FREE.
  • How Disney gets 85,000 employees to create magic every day – and enjoy doing it.
  • What Woody and Slinky can teach your employees about exceeding client expectations, every time !!!
  • The “7 Secret Disney Recruitment Strategies” you can use to find your perfect employees.
  • How to create the ultimate new hire orientation system so you are never worried or stressed about hiring and recruiting team members again.
  • Why asking “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?”  is not a stupid question, and what this can teach you about providing incredible customer service.

Module 5 - Service Standards

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • How a street sweeper at Disneyland creates happiness every day and how to use this in your business to make every client feel special.
  • How to use the “Alec Baldwin Method” to find your true business purpose and create your business mission.
  • Disney’s biggest mistake and what you MUST learn and implement based on this rare but massive Disney error.
  • How to eliminate “I don’t know” from your employees vocabulary so every team member becomes an expert on everything.
  • Disney’s secret code for profitability and how you can use this exact formula to grow your profits.

DVD Four (and in MP4 on the USB Drive):

Module 6 - Environment

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The TWO key areas in all Disney Parks (which you also have), and why your team must understand the difference if you want to be a customer service leader.
  • Why Disney sacked Cinderella and what this means in your health business and team.
  • How one simple fax cost a business over $250,000 in profits and how to make sure this does not cripple your business.
  • One thing you will never see at a Disney theme park and why it should NEVER be seen at your business?
  • How Disney creates an environment which allows them to sell in a competitive vacuum, for prices much higher than their competition.

Module 7 - Process

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • The 7 secrets for creating evangelists out of upset clients.
  • How to use the “Club Med Strategy” to create goodwill out of a disaster and what this means to your business.
  • 3 ways to not lose money when there is a service mistake.
  • The little known tactic to empower employees to resolve problems so they don’t even need to ask you what to do.
  • Why you should encourage employees to break the rules and how this guarantees long term team member loyalty.

Module 8 - The Magic of Bringing-It-All-Together

In this module you and your team will learn:

  • How to create your own “Disney” experience for every client and team member at your health business.
  • How to use the  “7 Keys to Disnify Your Business” checklist to condense Disney’s massive 700 page team training manual into just one page.
  • The exact blueprint you and your team need to follow to transform your client experience into a memorable and magical one.

DVD Five - Bonus DVD (and in MP4 on the USB)

How to Run a One Minute Practice (Bonus Presentation)

In this fast-paced BONUS session, Paul will share with you:

  • The key concept all health business MUST understand in order to free themselves from their daily and weekly grind.
  • The secret "Six Spreadsheet Formula" previously only available to Paul's elite One on One Coaching clients that will totally revolutionize the way you run your health business.
  • The single most important resource that shows you instantly if a team member is not completing a protocol or procedure and how this single resource - can allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world in less than one minute a day.
  • How to measure and manage your business performance in a way that lets you make highly accurate decisions about your business expenses, staff wages and profit - never again be left in the dark by your key numbers.
  • Why most health business owners are vulnerable to being ripped off by sharp advertising sales reps and how to never be fleeced again.
  • How to know instantly that you are paying too much rent or your wage payments are out of control and what to do about it.
  • Why your accountant is the last person who should be telling you how your business is performing and how to analyze your business performance correctly.
  • The exact systems some of the world's smartest health business owners are using to get an 80% re-boking rate from a simple phone call - and the "Million Dollar Script" they are all using in these calls.
  • The single most important marketing system you can use in your health business - and it costs almost nothing to do and can be put into your health business in less than 5 minutes.

(b) 6 Audio CD's of All Modules and Presentations (and in MP3 on the USB)

The pack includes 6 Audio CD's of all modules for those who prefer to learn by audio than by video.

(c) A USB Drive with Bonus Vance Morris Sessions Including:

After the live event Vance kindly recorded TWO bonus training sessions where he expands on the content he presented in the live program.

Bonus ONE : How to Use Newsletters to Grow Your Business

  • The easy 7 step newsletter creation template you can use to write and publish your own client retention newsletter.
  • The 3 biggest newsletter mistakes and how to avoid sending people to sleep when reading your newsletter.
  • Exactly how to calculate the lifetime value of a client and why knowing this will save and make you a fortune.
  • The 5 reasons why clients stop doing business with you and how to stop this leak in your business using newsletters.
  • Exact examples of the best and most effective newsletters and offers used by the world’s leading businesses.
  • How to build a prefect newsletter your clients can’t wait to read, which builds incredible client loyalty and generate a flood of referrals every month.

Bonus TWO  : 7 Keys to Profitable Service Recovery – How to Repair the Relationship When Things Go Wrong

  • Why a complaint can be the best way to build client loyalty, if you know how to handle it.
  • How to turn a complaining client into a raving fan who will drive a truckload of new business into your business or practice.
  • How to use Disney’s secret mind reading technique to resolve problems before they actually develop into major issues.
  • The simple step to ensure your referral partners keep sending clients to you – even if one of their referrals has a bad experience.
  • How to “close the loop” following a bad experience so the client feels part of your business advisory board and becomes invested in your success.

(d) The USB Hard Drive Also Contains Bonus Sessions with ELEVEN (11) of the World's Leading Customer Service Experts including:

Paul "Mr Retention" Brown - "Retention Rules - How to Keep Your Clients Forever"

Paul Brown

Click HERE for Paul's full bio

In this session with Paul, you and your team will learn:

  • How to keep clients staying, paying and referring from the very first visit.
  • How to use the “Onboarding Process” to make clients feel comfortable and valued in your business.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes business owners make when trying to create a “Retention Culture”.
  • The secret retention strategies you can learn from some of the world’s leading health clubs and put into your businesses instantly.

Dustin Burleson - "The Doctors Secrets for Happy Clients and Business Success"

Dustin Burleson

Click HERE for Dustin's full bio

In this session with Dustin, you and your team will learn:

  • How Dustin overcame his fear of marketing to build a world leading Orthodontics practice.
  • The single best client retention and referral strategy on the planet and exactly how you can do this in your business.
  • How to create a true “Client Recognition” system for your business which will make you untouchable for your competitors.
  • How Dustin uses a “Shock and Awe” strategy to WOW everyone who contacts his business – even if they are not ready to become a client.

Iven Frangi - "How to Turn Your Customers into Your Sales Team"

Iven Frangi

Click HERE for Iven's full bio

In this session with Iven, you and your team will learn:

  • Why your current thinking about customer service is dead and how to use the “New Model” to improve your client experience.
  • The 5 marketing challenges we must all overcome and what Iven’s wife’s experience with goats milk can teach us about how to have incredible business success.
  • How to turn your current client into raving fans and advocates for your business.

Martin Grunstein - "How to Be a Customer Service Guru"

Martin Grunstein

Click HERE for Martin's full bio

In this session with Martin, you and your team will learn:

  • Exactly what to do when a competitor is undercutting you on price?
  • How to use Martin’s “Happy November 27th” strategy to stand out from your competitors and stay engaged with your clients.
  • Why giving up the “need to be right” can set you up for massive rapport and business success.
  • What a Lexus car salesman can teach us all about incredible customer service.

Steve Jensen - "How to WOW Your Clients and Patients"

Steve Jensen

Click HERE for Steve's full bio

In this session with Steve, you and your team will learn:

  • How to WOW your clients and patients in each and every interaction so they never think about going anywhere else.
  • What all business owners can learn from Steve’s Tim Tam and Diet Coke which instantly makes every client feel special?
  • How to make every team member part of your “Wow Creation Brigade” so it does not all depend on you.
  • How to use all of the senses to guarantee a WOW experience for your clients.
  • The big mistake a CEO was about to make which would have totally destroyed his business.
  • The biggest mistake all business make when training their team in phone skills and how to instantly improve your teams phone conversions and skills.

Brian Kaskavalciyan - "Four Pillars to Creating Better Quality Leads, Closing More Sales and Making More Money"

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Click HERE for Brian's full bio

In this session with Brian, you and your team will learn:

  • The secret to maximise the profits in your business by focusing on your biggest asset.
  • How to generate Five Star Google reviews and feedback to drive new clients to your business.
  • How to use Brian’s four pillar approach to wow your clients every time they do business with you.
  • How to use the “Happy Call” to make your clients feel special and refer their friends.
  • The biggest problem facing businesses trying to generate referrals and how to set up a referral program that works every time.

Oksana Koriakova - "How to Use Brand Engagement to Increase Profits"

Oksana Koriakova

Click HERE for Oksana's full bio

In this session with Oksana, you and your team will learn:

  • How to use branded products to create an incredible WOW experience for your clients.
  • The number ONE secret system for making every client feel special – we should all be using this.
  • What Oksana taught Steve Jensen about customer service and creating a WOW culture in your business.
  • The absolute holy grail of business success that very few business owners know, which guarantees loyal clients for life.

Brian Kurtz - "How to Overdeliver and Build a Business for a Lifetime"

Brian Kurtz

Click HERE for Brian's full bio

In this session with Brian, you and your team will learn:

  • How Brian sold over $1 Billion worth of products and programs at $39 a time and how it was all done on the back of great customer service.
  • The direct mail campaign Brian sent to over 9 Million households and what we can learn from this huge campaign.
  • How to use direct response marketing to build a loyal following of clients who stay, pay and refer for ever.
  • The truth about Social Media for business and how to use it effectively to grow and secure your business.
  • How to use the principle of “Barrier of Switch” to maintain client loyalty and ensure business success.

Keith Lee - "How to Create Your Own Happy Customer Handbook"

Keith Lee

Click HERE for Keith's full bio

In this session with Keith, you and your team will learn:

  • The 2 things Keith learnt in his first job which set him up for a lifetime of great customer service and business success.
  • How to “Make a Friend” with every client so they stay, pay and refer forever.
  • The 3 best interview questions you can ask which instantly shows if a job applicant will be a great customer service team member.
  • The 3 key aspects of Keith’s “Make You Happy” customer service system and how to use these secrets to build incredible client loyalty.
  • Why performance reviews suck, lead to poor performance and low morale in your team and what to do instead to turn your team members into customer service superstars.

Dr David Moffet - "How To Add At LEAST An Extra $100,000 In Billings To Your Practice… Without Spending Even One Cent More On Marketing, Extra Staff or New Equipment!"

David Moffet

Click HERE for David's full bio

In this session with David, you and your team will learn:

  • How one Dentist used the “Character Strategy” to totally transformed her practice and double her profits.
  • The one strategy all health businesses should be using which will make you new clients feel special and care for in your business.
  • Why many businesses are in grave danger of failing in the next 5 years and how to make sure yours is not one of them.
  • How to link customer service and management to make all team members and clients raving fans of your business

IMPORTANT - The Pack Also Includes:

(e) Fill-In-The-Blanks "Ultimate Client and Patient Experience" Training Manual PLUS Other Bonus Material on the USB Drive

This USB drive also contains a selection of written resources to further increase the value of this program - including:

  • A “Fill in the Blanks” course manual - to be completed as your team progress through the program (an electronic copy of this manual is on the USB drive)
  • A manual with the full Powerpoint slides for the live presentations - to assist your team in completing the “fill in the blanks” manual.
  • A huge selection of documents, forms, scripts and templates to assist you and your team on your customer service journey - please open all bonus documents so you understand the content and appreciate the resources you now have at your disposal.
Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee

For those new to Paul's materials and programs you always have the safety and security of his "Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee".

If you buy the pack and within the first 90 days you and your team do not think it gives you incredible value for money and return on your investment - you can simply send it back for a full refund - no dramas.

Just post it back to us at PhysioProfessor Pty Ltd, PO Box 574 Swansea NSW, Australia, 2281 and we will refund your money straight away.

SUMMARY of The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System

  1. 4 DVD’s of Vance Morris’ live presentations
  2. 6 Audio CD’s of the live seminar
  3. DVD and MP4 version of Paul’s live “How to Run a One Minute Practice” presentation
  4. MP3 and MP4 files of all sessions on USB Drive
  5. The USB Drive with the full powerpoint slides, workbook, blank manuals, bonus MP4s, materials and resources
  6. Documents & Written Materials including the “Fill in the Blanks” course manual - Ring Bound and in pdf on USB.

That’s 11 DVD/ CD’s, Printed Manual PLUS USB Drive - Packed with Amazing Value.

Paul Wright

How to Get the Best Results from "The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System"

We appreciate that people learn in a variety of ways - so we have done our best to give you every option - ie DVD, Audio CD and USB with Mp4 and MP3 versions.

However, we believe you will get the most out of the program by taking the following steps - in this order - remember - there is more than one option:

Step One - Take a few moments to browse over the material and familiarise yourself with the contents of the pack - including all CD's, DVD's, MP4's, MP3's written material and contents of the USB.

Step Two - Print out copies of the "ULTIMATE PATIENT and CLIENT EXPERIENCE FILL IN THE BLANKS MANUAL" from your USB- and give one to each of your team - with strict instructions they have to use the DVD, USB or Audio CD's to complete the manual.

Note: don't worry about making a mistake or writing something in the wrong part of the workbook - as we have included a copy of the workbook on the USB Drive - a great resource if you want your future team members or associates to also complete the program.

Tip - Many health business owners give the full package to each of their team members - for one week at a time - with the team members required to return the pack and the completed manual in one week's time.

Step Three - at the end of DVD's, CD's or USB Program your team should have completed the "Fill in the Blanks" manual. We suggest you then schedule a time to review the completed workbook and discuss items raised with your team member.

NOTE - This "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" can also be conducted as a One Day training event for your team simply by getting your team together in front of a DVD player or computer - give each of them a printed copy of the manual - and get started - stopping at the appropriate sections for discussion and to complete the manual.

An incredibly effective and cost effective team training program.

Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1597 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" using our "easy payment plan" of just $597 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $550 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $550 AUD - total ONLY $1697 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
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10 Reasons to Order the "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" NOW

  1. Save yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours by using Vance, Paul’s and the ELEVEN experts to train your current and future team with systems and scripts that have been tried and tested over the past 20 years - remember "successful people spend money to save time" and this program will save you years of work.
  2. Empower your team by letting The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System teach them about the importance of customer service to ensure your clients get a great outcome every time - never again have all the team training in your business left to you and you alone.
  3. This unique program is specifically designed for health professionals by a fellow health professional and business owner who understand the struggles, problems, and stress that comes with health business ownership - use Vance, Paul and the Eleven experts systems, scripts and knowledge to claim back your life NOW!!
  4. You can benefit from the presenters 300 PLUS years of combined business experience and save yourself the pain and frustration that they went through to finally get to their stage of business success - would you like the freedom to choose when and where you go to work - and still have a great income - to do this YOU MUST have a comprehensive client experience system in place.
  5. Share in Vance, Paul and the Experts knowledge gained from investing more than $500,000 in business coaching and over $200,000 in seminars, courses and training programs - don't waste years of your life learning this the hard way- take the fast track and use their system and knowledge.
  6. The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System (like all of Paul's business building materials) includes a 90 day 100% money back guarantee - if you get the pack and don't think it is for you - (highly unlikely) then simply send it back for a full refund - no risk to you.
  7. All new team members want education and training - you can use the fact you have this training program available to all new team members to encourage new applicants to work at your business instead of your competition.
  8. Using this team training system will enable you to FREE yourself from your business - just like Paul did - to enjoy the freedom that all business owners should be enjoying.
  9. Benefit from the expert bonus training sessions to improve other areas of your business and expand into new markets.
  10. Take advantage of the optional easy payment plan - of 3 low monthly payments - allowing you to put these systems in place and increase your income BEFORE paying for the rest of the program.
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What Other Professionals said about other Vance Morris events, "The Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" package, and the live seminar - which the DVD, CD and USB Package is Based Upon:

"I loved it, I loved the stories, the excitement and how Disney can influence my business, my team and my clients. I can use these systems on Monday morning – highly as you can do this without spending any extra money on staff or anything else"
Elizabeth Kiriakidis – Health Business Owner, Podiatry

"I have been to many customer service events but this has been by far the best – I know by taking back the secrets I learnt today it is going to change my life, the life of my staff members and my community"
Ricardo Guillen - Dentist, Harlington, Texas

"This training hits the nail on the head. Your customers are your gold – so any opportunity to improve your relationship with them is a worthwhile thing to do"

Tiffany Hancock – Health Business Owner, Optometry

"Being able to use all the systems of Disney will be incredible for my clients and my staff. We can make small changes to make big changes. There are things I can take back to the business and start on Monday. Highly recommended"

Marina Crichton, Business Owner, Physiotherapy

"Vance gave us real rubber meets the road tactics we can go home and use tomorrow to Disnify our businesses and create raving fans who come to your defence should something ever happen"
Christa Trantham - CEO Coach Blueprint - USA

"This program will help our admin team understand how important customer service is, it will help their confidence, self-esteem and help them realise how important every client interaction is. Customer service is a keystone because first impressions last"
Kevin Doherty, Business Owner - Podiatry

"I had no idea with Disney magic meant and how to apply it – but now I know how to offer a Disney level of service. Highly recommended."

Trish Orr – Business Owner - Physiotherapy

"We learnt nothing about customer service at University. You will never see Disney the same again but your customer service will improve dramatically"

Luke Sassine – Health Professional, Podiatry

"It was a great experience and gave us ways to take customer service to the next level with strategies we can use as soon as we get back into the practice."

Todd and Tamra Ryan - Dental Practice – Hillsdale Michigan

"Losing just one client due to poor customer service will cost you much than the investment in this program - highly recommended."

Evan Barnard - Business Owner – Nashville

"I teach customer service – yet I learned things I am going to take way and implement in my business – so your clients go away and rave about you."

Keith Lee - Keith Lee Business Systems

"I know a lot about Disney but Vance showed me customer service secreta I didn't even know – you have to listen to this guy."

Mike Crow - Business Owner USA

Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" for a one off payment of ONLY $1597 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
Click HERE to Order your "Ultimate Patient and Client Experience System" using our "easy payment plan" of just $597 AUD now, then in 30 days time a payment of $550 AUD and in 60 days your final payment of $550 AUD - total ONLY $1697 AUD (plus $30 P and H).
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