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Computer Posture Assessment Tool "The Posture Pro System"

“There is nothing more powerful in today's competitive health market than using the latest technology to keep at the front of the pack. The Posture Pro system gives our clinics a unique point of difference as well as allowing us to educate our patients about the impact of poor posture - increasing treatment compliance and increasing clinic profits”
Paul Wright (Director of Get Active Physiotherapy and Founder of The Million Dollar Health Professional)

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What Is Posture Pro?

Fifteen years ago Posture Pro started the posture analysis revolution and today it's still the #1 system. Each month over one million exams are performed by 10,000 customers in 45 countries.

As a screening tool Posture Pro provides that compelling reason for a person to come into your office. After care begins, Posture Pro helps the patient understand the nature of the problem and the length of time it takes to make physical changes, changes tracked by Posture Pro's comparison reports and graphs.

Why Use Posture Pro?

In our clinics the Posture Pro system is used to:

  • Generate leads by us offering Posture scans to interested clients and friends
  • Increasing doctor referrals for Posture Pro scans
  • Increase our therapists and patient knowledge of their condition
  • Increase patient compliance with treatment and exercise programs
  • Establish a point of difference in the competitive marketplace of health care services.
  • Increase billing by charging for the Posture Pro assessment or scheduling an extra consult
  • Print posture reports and re-assessments for patient progress.
  • Identify posture progressions and the consequences of inaction over time.

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