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“Fantastic solutions for business headaches – this event will increase our turnover in the next quarter by over 100K” Aaron Hardaker – Physiotherapist and Business Owner – Mastermind Attendee

“Fantastic – I have a lot more motivation in my business now and I feel these ideas will increase turnover at least a couple of grand a week” Martin Dunkerley – Health Business Owner – Mastermind Attendee
"What Would a Full Day Of Coaching By One of the World’s Leading Health Business Experts...With Proven Answers and Solutions from Fellow Health Business Owners...Be Worth To Your Business in the Next 12 Months?"
London – Friday May 5th, 2017

What is a Mastermind Group and How Can Attending Help Me Grow Your Business?

A Paul Wright Mastermind Event is an experience like no other.

Imagine collating over 200 years of health business ownership experience all in one room for a fast moving and inspiring ONE DAY – where all your key business problems and frustrations are solved.

At a Paul Wright Mastermind Event each attendee spends time in the “Mastermind Hot Seat” – where they outline their key business issues and problems – then, with Paul personally coaching and co-ordinating the group, action steps are created, solutions are produced and resources are shared between group members.

When not in the “Hotseat” – you will be learning, sharing and contributing to other attendees “Hotseat” session – but at the same time learning the solutions to a host of other business problems and challenges – you may already have – or are about to face as your business grows.

Where everyone sitting at the table is sharp, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in the success of the others the right chemistry happens, it’s an experience without parallel.

Why Attend a Mastermind Event with Paul Wright?
  1. Paul Wright’s Private Coaching Program – is always fully subscribed and has a long waiting list – so these Mastermind Events are the ONLY way to get 100% access to Paul and his incredible wealth of experience, contacts, resources and connections.
  2. It is incredibly rare to have the opportunity to spend a full day in a structured learning and sharing environment with a small group of highly enthusiastic and open health business owners – all willing to share their knowledge and resources with you.
  3. The connections and friendships you make at these Mastermind Events will dramatically increase your circle of influence and increase your income – you may even meet the partner in your next business venture.
  4. We all know how lonely it can be as the owner of a health business – the buck always stops with you –however -  these Mastermind Events let you share the load and fast track your health business results by learning from other owners mistakes and successes.
  5. With ONLY 10 attendees at each event – you are guaranteed one on one attention from Paul as well as close interaction and support from other attendees.
Here are Just a Few of the Things We May Work on at these Elite “Mastermind” Events
  • Identify and fix the leaks in your business that are costing you thousands of dollars each month.
  • Maximize the opportunity in each and every client to ensure a great patient experience every visit.
  • Build systems and procedures in your business that will free you from the day to day grind of health business ownership and let you enjoy more time with your family and friends.
  • Grow a business where you only see the patients you want to see – and work the hours you want to work – assuming you even want to keep seeing patients at all.
  • Develop and build multiple income opportunities that you are currently missing out on that can dramatically increase your profits.
  • Produce develop and sell your own range of information products – just like I have done – that make money for you while you sleep.
  • Start work on your exit strategy and get your business ready to sell for the right price – so you can do it again or retire to the Greek Islands.
  • Create a bold unique customer focus for your business that dominates your marketplace and gets people referring you as the ONLY option even if your prices are significantly higher than your competition.
  • Dramatically improve your lead generation and conversion rates by helping you produce better marketing pieces without spending a single extra cent on advertising.
  • Develop clearly focused 90 day, one year, and five year goals that are not only exciting and fulfilling, but they’re also practical and include proven daily steps for reaching them.
  • Leverage everything your business does for maximum profits in minimum time. You’ll become a master of multi-purposing anything you do into multiple incomes and uses.
  • Add effective time management principles and business strategies to reduce hours from your daily activities allowing you more free time to spend with your spouse, your children, or your hobbies.
  • Identify neglected profit opportunities hidden inside your current business…and help you to capitalize on those opportunities to multiply your profits immediately.
Who Should Attend These Mastermind Events?

All current or future health business owners wanting to increase business profits, work less hours, get fast solution to your key business problems and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.

If You Are the Smartest Person in the Room – You Are in THE WRONG ROOM

With only TEN (10) positions available at each Mastermind Event – it is vital that spots are secured ONLY by those professionals what are going to help make these events truly memorable.


  • You expect someone to do all the work for you and you are not prepared to take action NOW.
  • You plan on sitting through the Mastermind with your arms folded not being actively engaged in the event.
  • You are not prepared to share your thoughts ideas and past successes and failures with the group.
  • You have a negative attitude and think that the world is conspiring against you and holding you back from the success you deserve.
  • You are a taker and not a giver - we only want people who positively contribute to group discussions, who desire to help others and derive personal satisfaction by doing so.
  • You have trouble accepting and appreciating corrective advice from others.
  • You are a “whinger or whiner” and introduce negative-energy into the group. In the exceedingly unlikely instance where someone is a problem, I’ll ask that person to leave; it’s just better for everyone that way.
Take Advantage of Our No Risk to You –
Wrighty is a Goose Guarantee!!

We never want anyone to feel they are taking a risk by attending one of our live seminars – so to make it ridiculously risk free to sign up and give this event a go we offer you the following satisfaction guarantee.

If – at the end of the event – you don’t think you received strategies, tips and ideas that can make or save you thousands of extra dollars in revenue – then we will give you your money back – no problems.

So there is no reason NOT to register and take part in these great events.

All Masterminds run from 9am till 5pm with light lunch provided.


ONLY $997 AUS or approx $519 GBP (Note – Only 10 Spots Available at THIS Event – No Exceptions)

Book NOW to secure your spot.

Event Details:
Date: Fri May 5th, 2017
Venue: Grange Hotel Holborn,
50 - 60 Southampton Row,
London WC1B 4AR, UK

Time: 9am to 5pm


What Other Clients of Paul Wrights Coaching Program Have Said:

I realized I was working like a dog – making money for everybody else – and had no money left in the bank account. Paul has helped me increase my profits, change my systems and I feel much happier as do my staff. We are busier than ever before – I would recommend coaching to any health professional – you have just got to do it.”
Elizabeth Kiriakidis – Owner My Podiatrist

“I got involved in coaching because I did not want to make the same mistakes other business owners have made. I can easily see the difference the coaching has made and recommend Pauls program to all health professionals.”
Yousuf Syed – Owner Spine & Sports Physiotherapy

“I had no idea where my business was leaking money from – yet Paul was able to find the leaks – and guess what – I am making money. It is much more than business coaching as Paul makes sure I achieve my business goals as well as my personal goals – and we all end up really happy.”
Alex Gazis-Morris – Owner Regional Physiotherapy and In Balance

“We are privileged to have Paul as our coach as he has had 20 years plus as a health business owner -so when we get suggestions from him we know that he does not want us to make any of the mistakes that he may have made. It is great to be with him.”
Shireen Syed – Owner Spine & Sports Physiotherapy – Mackay

“It is a challenging program but you certainly get a lot of improvements – the systems and freedom you get are very rewarding.”
Mitch Hancock – Owner Gulf and Ranges Optometry

Since joining Paul’s coaching program I have built solid systems in my business – I would recommend Paul’s coaching program to any health professional – he does a great job.”
Andrew Nawrocki – Owner Moreland Orthopaedic & Sports Clinic

Paul's coaching program has been a great help and my health business. Although I had a practice with good revenue and plenty of work, I was still busy working 50-60 hours per week. Pauls coaching gave me the confidence and best practice approach for reducing my hours to less than 30 per week allowing me to spend more time with my family. In this time, the business has continued along its path of growth and hasn't missed a beat. Thanks Paul for spending your time helping other health professionals achieve their life goals through their business, it really is a worthwhile cause".
Anthony Belcher - Physiotherapist and Business Owner

“I started coaching with Paul because the business I bought into did not have a lot of structure and, having previously worked in one of Paul’s health practices I knew that Paul was extremely good at that part of health business management. The coaching has helped me significantly. I think most health business owners should have business coaching because a lot of us have no idea about the marketing or business side of health care.”
Michelle Collins – Owner Northern Suburbs Physiotherapy


All Masterminds run from 9am till 5pm with light lunch provided.


ONLY $997 AUS or approx $519 GBP (Note – Only 10 Spots Available at THIS Event – No Exceptions)

Book NOW to secure your spot.

Event Details:
Date: Fri May 5th, 2017
Venue: Grange Hotel Holborn,
50 - 60 Southampton Row,
London WC1B 4AR, UK

Time: 9am to 5pm


Terms and Cancellation Policy

Due to the limited number of positions available for these events, the following cancellation policy will apply:

Cancellation more than 4 weeks before the scheduled event - 50% refund

Less than 4 weeks before the event - No Refund

What Other Health Professionals from Around the World Have Said about Other Paul Wright Events

“Hi Paul – I came to your seminar in Manchester UK, and loved it. So positive and excited after taking what you said on board. Thank you.”
Scott Williams – Physiotherapist and Health Business Owner

“I was very fortunate to be an employee of Paul Wright’s for a period of years where I was mentored personally into building a brand new clinic up into a flourishing practice. The lessons learnt from Paul’s clinical wisdom combined with his business acumen, goal orientation, meticulous monitoring, down the line direction and caring presentation was invaluable in my growth as a health professional, and more importantly a health professional in business.”
Justin Johnson – Physiotherapist and Health Business Owner

“I would like you to know how inspired I have been by your material, practical support and your no-nonsense approach to business. As a result I am working on a number of initiatives in a far more structured manner (and with greater confidence) than I ever would have been”
Wayne Bernstein – Health Business Owner

“After working with Paul I managed to increase my profit and reduce my hours with very little impact on my clinic. I have minimised my 'hands on' patient contact, and shifted my focus towards growing the business where I am needed the most. I usually work at 1000 miles an hour, but thankfully, Paul was able to look at both my strengths and weakness so that I could put them to better use. After establishing what I thought was already a successful business, I now know how much better things can be and happily admit to writing this from the comfort of my lounge room on Wednesday, after giving myself a much needed second day off a week!”
Jade Harries – Osteopath and Health Business Owner

“Paul’s material and advice gave me the confidence and best practice approach for reducing my hours to less than 30 per week allowing me to spend more time with my family. In my reduced work hours, the business has continued along its path of growth and hasn’t missed a beat. Thanks Paul for spending your time helping other health professionals achieve their life goals through their business, it really is a worthwhile cause.”
Anthony Belcher – Physiotherapist and Health Business Owner

“Three years ago I came across one of Paul’s videos and I have since gone from a single practitioner business to having a thriving business with eleven professionals. So come to his course - listen and learn - you will never regret it.”
Albert Nakla - Owner of Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre

“Why didn't I find this guy 15 years ago – I now know how to put everything into my practice to make my health business hum, quit working quite so hard in my business so I can work more on my business and start to realize the profits”
Dr Cherye Roche - Chiropractor

Excellent - Paul’s willingness to give of his experience and draw on years of practical and real world tangible stuff was fantastic. Highly recommended - if you don’t do this course you are nuts. As health professionals we miss out on the marketing information - so this course is an essential one to do.”
Ted Jednyak - Podiatrist - Owner Foot and Leg Centre

I came along to this course but I have to tell you I hate marketing - I don’t know anything about marketing - but you cannot leave this course without knowing where to start and what to implement to drive your business forward. So it doesn’t matter how old you are you can still learn how to market - thank you Paul.”
Sue Roll - Business Owner - Performance Rehab

“I have just done the bootcamp with Paul and I am exhausted - it gave us so much information to go away with and add to our practices tomorrow that will make a real difference to our bottom lines. It proves there is always more you can learn. I have been cut and pasted into the Paul Wright shape. I would definitely recommend this course - but go to bed early the night before.”
Steve Sandor - Owner of Restore Movement

I just did Paul’s marketing bootcamp and it was an amazing day - Paul has an amazing ability to communicate his ideas in a clear and succinct way. The biggest thing I took away today was how to put together a full year marketing plan that will allow us to get ahead of the game.”
Jane Watson - Director of The Watson Headache Institute

“I would highly recommend Pauls marketing bootcamp - it was fantastic - it has provided the foundation to kickstart my marketing - thank you Paul.”
Melissa Goonan - Osteopath - Vibrant Health Osteopathy and Pilates

“I did an 18 month marketing course and night school and I think you could come and get all that information plus more from Paul in one afternoon - highly recommended course for all health professionals.”
Bruce Cohen - Physiotherapist E-Note File

“Loved the seminar - the value I received from attending is far and away above what I paid for the course. I would recommend this course to any health professional who wants to build a better business.”
Michael Hall - Physiotherapist - Owner of Bodywise Health

“The bootcamp was fantastic - I have now got all the resources and tools to go back and make the business bigger and better - and I would recommend this course to all health professionals.”
Kerrie Michelini - Business Operations Manager North East Physiotherapy

“The marketing plan was great and will allow my health businesses to grow into the next year. I would definitely recommend this course to other health professionals as we just don’t learn this stuff at university.”
Nestor Chan - Director Austral Physiotherapy

“It was fantastic - I learnt a lot about marketing and I am now confident of putting marketing systems into the clinic to improve the business as a whole. I would definitely recommend this course to other health professionals.”
Bertrand Doeuk - Physiotherapist

“Frankly - what Paul does to assist his customers in in dealing with the challenges of health business ownership is quite exceptional. I have seen many people deliver these kind of seminars but none have the same value of content that Paul willingly shares. They are great workshops and I highly recommend them.”
Klaus Bartosch - Executive Chairman of 1st Available - Online Booking System for Health Professionals

“Terrific day - great communicator - Paul you are a legend - well worth the money and well worth doing”
Mark Heard - Podiatrist

“Gave me the usual kick up the bum as I am struggling to get myself out of the practice - but Paul has given me all the tools to do it. Definitely worth doing - great to get together with other professionals in the same situation. Great not to feel alone. Money well spent.”
Darren Stuchbery - Physiotherapist and Owner of 6S Health

"OMG very excited about taking this to the team and show them a clear and concise marketing plan for 2013"
Tiffany and Mitch Hancock -Gulf and Ranges Optometry

If you do nothing this year regarding marketing at least attend this seminar - the information is vital for success in business."
Luke Madden - Osteopath - Miranda Health Centre

“I have been in business as a Physiotherapist for 20 years and I can honestly say that for the first time in my professional career I think I am excited about marketing - full marks - I enjoyed the day - thanks Paul.”
Ashton Lucas - Owner CBDPhysio

“It was a great experience and really bridged the gap between practitioner and business person - which we just don’t get taught at uni. This is a course that every health business owner should do.”
Andrew Lim - Owner of North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic

"Thanks for your candour- your generosity with your intellectual property was overwhelming - my brain hurts but in a good way."
David Scandol - Rozelle Total Health

"Entertaining, enlightening and at times confronting - an absolute must for any health business owner who wants to be successful."
Aaron Hardaker -Owner Northern Beaches Physiotherapy

"I have waited for such high quality marketing material for a long time - this bootcamp was worth many times its cost."
Rick Chiang (Owner of Pain Free Physio)

"This course is a must for health care professionals. It is amazing to be able to obtain so many great business ideas in just one day. I am sure this will change the way things are done at my clinic and will no doubt be of huge benefit for the clinics as well as the patients."
Alex Blazhevskyiy -Physiotherapist - Bodyfit Physiotherapy

"Another great presentation by Paul - can’t wait to remove myself from the practice and sit down and implement these real world strategies."
Justin Mistry - Owner Back in Motion

"I think this is a session that all health business owners should do. This information is never presented to us in our undergraduate training but is essential for all private practitioners."
Peter Wells – Physiotherapist

"A very large bomb into my existing five year plan - excellent new direction - thanks - great workshop."
Tanya Allan - Business Manager

"Very informative - showed me that marketing is vital to the existence and survival of my business - it is easy to be a podiatrist - harder to be a business owner."
Trevor Lane - Podiatrist and Business Owner

"Excellent presentation with great ideas for me to put in place on Monday morning"
Greg Hines - Chiropractor

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What Attendees of Past Mastermind Events Said

“I could smell the money generating in the air – for any health professional looking to boost and accelerate your business – this is the event you need to attendg”

Sarah Shaw - Clinic Supplies Canada – Mastermind Attendee

“My head is swimming with new ideas – I want to get home right now to get them going”

Elizabeth Kiriakidis - Podiatrist and Health Business Owner

“Amazing – I learnt some incredibly valuable lessons today and I am going to make some major changes”

Sally Harrison – Physiotherapist and Health Business Owner

“I was originally uncomfortable talking about my business problems in front of other health business owners – but what I realized was that by speaking up I got solutions to these things – some mind blowing things – I am eagerly looking for the next Mastermind seminar”

Yousuf Syed – Health Business Owner

Fantastic – highly recommended

Darryl Yardley – Chair of Private Practice Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association – Mastermind Attendee

“I am absolutely floored – I thought I knew a lot about marketing until I entered this boardroom –I am on top of the world – everyone should attend one of these Mastermind events – see you next year”

Karim Meghji – Physiotherapist Private Practice Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association - Mastermind Attendee

“The information I learnt today will generate me an extra $100,000 over the next 6 months”

Lisa Cornell – Physio/Osteo Business Owner

“I now know what I need to do over the next 12 months with my business expansion and creating more time – absolutely fantastic – highly recommended”

Paul Rowsen – Health Business Owner

“A remarkable event – every attendee of the Mastermind walked away with the answers to all their questions”

Dr Lori Yarrow – Chiropractor Director of Marketing, Strategy and Education for The Orthotic Group – Canada - Mastermind Attendee

“Very interesting – I got some great revenue building strategies – I am going to go back and not work as many hours”

Craig Dungey – Health Business Owner

“We have been a follower of Paul’s business principles for some time and even from today the ideas and information we received was outstanding”

Tom Swales – Owner of Concept of Movement Canada - Mastermind Attendee

“One of the most amazing courses you can take – highly recommended”

Sean-Michael Latimour - OwnerDynamic Health Therapy, Ontario, Canada - Mastermind Attendee

“Great value from sharing ideas with other health business owners – thank you Paul”

Justin Johnson – Pilates/Physio Business Owner

“This event will increase our leads immediately – and a huge spike in business over the next month”

Daniel Fitzpatrick – Podiatrist and Health Business Owner

Fantastic – learned a ton that I can take back to my clinic”

Jonathan Jenney – Physiotherapist – Canada


Sue Underhill – Physiotherapist

What Mastermind Attendees Wrote on Their Feedback Forms AFTER the Event

I turned my problem into a new business venture “incoming-ing” stream. I’m so excited to get started” Elizabeth Kiriakidis, Podiatrist

I came away with clear ideas and tasks to improve the business, with a dramatically reduced timeframe. The overall environment encouraged sharing of information between the other participants, instead of the usual competition we’ve come to anticipate.” Richard Chasen, Podiatrist

The Mastermind course gives great insight into business revenue strategies and how to confidently increase the profitability of my business” Craig Dungey, Physiotherapist

Gave me an idea of what I will have to deal with when running a business. This is a workshop I will be doing every year to be on top of my new project.” Paul Klich, Chiropractor/ Physiotherapist

Cleared my thinking on creating time to clarify/ implement systems i.e. blocking off consult time. Some great ideas and learning/ set up/ design. Time management needs to improve!!” Paul Rowson, Physiotherapist

Great course! Looking forward to implement these changes tonight to increase our profit ten-fold” Lisa Cornell, Osteopath

I just did Paul’s workshop. It was such a great workshop especially brainstorming with like-minded Professionals. It will help me take the next step in having the work/life balance that I want.” Tracey Smith, Podiatrist

Just fantastic – the ideas gained here today will increase profits considerably over the next twelve months and increase stability of the business – not just that – the people here today are inspirational to say the least” Martin Dunkerley – Health Business Owner

You can always learn from others – and it helps when you have an true industry leader like Paul – facilitating the discussion” Justin Johnson – Health Business Owner

What Paul’s Private Coaching program Clients Say About Working with Paul

“Our turnover in the last 18 months is up over $200,000. You are crazy not to have some sort of coach or mentor”
Aaron Hardaker – Health Business Owner - Physiotherapy / Pilates
Click HERE to hear the short interview.

“I tried to make a list of benefits to being in your coaching program but the list just kept going on and on – and we have increased our income by over $100,000 – and it is always climbing”
Elizabeth Kiriakidis – Health Business Owner – Podiatry
Click HERE to hear the short interview.

“My accountant actually rang me last week and asked what I had been doing in the business because the profits had increased so much”
Alex Gazis-Morris – Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Fitness / Pilates
Click HERE to hear the short interview.