Here We Go Again – You and Your Team Must Read This NOW

Tweet I can’t believe it is time for this email again – wow – how fast the years are passing. It only seems like yesterday I issued my yearly warning about the “Six Words of Death” you and your health…

How Much Notice to Give When Increasing Fees in Your Health Business – 2 Minute Video

Tweet Here is a quick 2 minute video with a great tip on how much notice to give your clients and patients when increasing fees in your health business – essential viewing for all current or future health business owners.…

Price and Fee Failure in Health Care – One Classic Mistake

Tweet I am always interested in finding out how health business owners arrive at the fees they charge for their consultations and sessions. It is usually a mix of vague references to what others charge, industry norms, association recommendations and…

More Business Lessons from My Hairdresser

What is it with hairdressers and my business education – the universe must be telling me something.
You may remember a few months ago my previous hairdresser simply closed his doors – leaving me gobsmacked when I arrived for my next trim only to find him long gone.
No note – no forwarding address – just up and shut the shop.
Well you will be happy to know I have found a replacement stylist – only to find more business lessons lurking behind every snip.

Cut Price Health Care – a Recipe for Disaster

I received a rather disturbing email last week from a current “Profit Club” member that I wanted to mention to all health professionals and health business owners.

The email sender is a well respected health professional with a sound business that had been doing well and providing a great service to his clients and community – like most of you I suspect.

The disturbing part of the email was when he mentioned how a new clinic had opened just down the road from his practice and have been charging greatly reduced fees in an attempt to gain market share.