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Who Are the Absolute Best New Clients You Can Ever Get?

There is simply no other way to say it.

The BEST clients and patients you can ever get in your health business are those people who have been referred to you by someone they trust and respect.

Referred clients ROCK – it is that simple.

But have you ever stopped to think about WHY referred clients are so valuable to our businesses?

Well – here are just a taste of what you should know about referred clients.

Typically – the referred client is much LESS sales resistant and LESS price sensitive – than a client who came to you from your other adverts and promotions.

The referred client has often not done any research or price comparison on you and your competitors – simply because they have been told by a trusted source – that you are the best person to see to help them with their specific problem.

The referred client is simply less bothered about price.

This gives you an incredible advantage because you are able to make follow up appointments more easily – and sell products to them – without the monster of “price sensitivity” raising its ugly head and reducing your program effectiveness.

Now I am not encouraging over-servicing or selling products to referred clients they do not need.

I am referring to the increased clinical results you will achieve when the referred patient comes in for their regular sessions and buys the product that will help accelerate their recovery and give them the best outcome.

Never underestimate the incredible power of a high quality referral to your health business.

This is exactly why we created the new “Ultimate Health Business Referral System” so you and your team can learn how to generate an endless supply of high quality referrals to your health business.

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Doctor Referral Update

A reminder the new “Ultimate Health Business Referral System” package that is being launched next Wednesday – will also include a comprehensive section titled “How to Increase Doctor Referrals.

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