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Social Media Update – Have I Been Converted?

Regular readers of my emails and blogs would know that I have never been a fan of social media.

Many business owners spend way too much time working forlikes and shares – but never really seeing any money arrive in their bank accounts from their social media activity.

However – I have recently engaged the services of a social media marketing company (run by a former Chiropractor) who is actually making my Facebook adverts profitable – at the front end – which is difficult for most marketing media – let alone Facebook.

Admittedly it is early days – so I wont get too excited just yet – but I will keep you posted regarding the success of my campaigns – and see if I change my tune fully.

That being said – I have always been a fan of Linkedin – as it is the one social medial platform – where business people congregate and expect to be contacted for business related opportunities.

To help you on your Linkedin journey – I have made available on our One Minute Practice Podcast part of an interview I did with GKIC marketing director – Dave Dee – where I outlined the exact steps you need to take to succeed on Linkedin.

For those new to Podcasting (me included)- you can access the Linkedin podcast episode by clicking on the link at the bottom of this email..

You can also access the episode by subscribing to Paul Wrights “One Minute Practice” podcast by searching for it on Itunes.

Or you can download a Podcast app like –Pocketcast – to your smartphone – then search for and subscribe to the Paul Wright One Minute Practice Podcast – so you always keep up with the latest episodes.

The Linkedin session is Episode One.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and subscribe to the One Minute Practice Podcast so you can keep up with the latest in health business news and information.

Here is the link to the “One Minute Practice Podcast – Episode One – How to Grow Your Business with Linkedin

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