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My Admin Team Will Hate Me for This and Why Madonna Missed Out

I was all set to make today’s post about Madonna – but I will save that rant for later in the week – it is a classic business mistake she – of all people – should know .

Anyway – back to today’s topic – why my admin team will hate me.

Following last weeks email about my new book – “How to Run a One Minute Practice” – we were flooded with orders – especially as I have included some great bonus DVD offers with the book on a bundle deal.

Our offices here in Newcastle were full of book filled parcels, team members were busily filling out postal forms and I was frantically writing personal messages on the inside front cover of each book – fun but hectic as we always like to fill orders as soon as they come in.

So you can imagine my admin teams concern when I said I was going to include another mention of the book offers in today’s email and blog – they were not real happy – having just got on top of last weeks backlog of orders.

Now – what does this all mean to you as a health business owner – other than to get yourself a copy of my book of course – well –the lesson is this.

I could have eased off the marketing of the book this week to keep my admin team happy and given them a rest – but that is not how I ( or you ) should run a business.

One of my mentors – Mal Emery once said:

Never let operations over-ride marketing – because marketing rules“.

In your health business – your admin team may already be very busy – and the thought of you launching a new marketing campaign or protocol that will generate lots of extra work – may not make them very happy.

However – provided you feel they have the capacity to do this work ( or provide extra help so they can) – then you must launch the program – regardless of the grief you will get from your admin team.

I see way too many business owners being held to ransom by their team members – who continue to come up with excuse after excuse – as to why they have not completed a set marketing task or protocol.

I hear excuses like – “The computer was down”, “I could not find my call list”, ” I lost the script”, “I did not have time” , “The computer won’t generate that report”etc etc

I am sorry to say – in the majority of cases – your team will come up with a wide range of reasons why they are not able to complete a marketing task or protocol- and the moment you agree to this and let it slide – you have let operations over-ride marketing.

Do not let this happen in your health business.

I will happily continue to market the hell out of my book – even if it means my admin team are buckling under the weight of postal packs and receipts – and regardless of how much they hate me for it.

My job is to generate sales and give value to my clients – and I will never let operational issues interfere with this role.

I suggest you do the same and drive the marketing bus as hard as you can to ensure the future success of your health business.

In case you missed it – here is the marketing message about how you can get your hands on my new book for a fraction of the price you will pay on Amazon – and also how you can get a great “Book Bundle” offer on my latest DVD – “Contractor V’s Employee – What all Health Business Owners Must Know.”

Here is the text from last weeks email that got me into trouble in the first place.

This Book Will Change Your Business Life Forever?

My mentors told me repeatedly that I needed to write a book – and finally here it is – no surprise on the title:

How to Run a One Minute Practice – a Guide for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Osteopaths and Allied Health Professionals Wanting to Earn More, Work Less and Enjoy Their Lives

This great resource describes almost exactly the steps I go through with clients in my VIP Private Coaching program – so I can guarantee you the systems I describe in the book actually work.

The book is currently available on Amazon for $24.95 US – plus shipping – however if you click on the link below – you can order a copy directly from me for ONLY $9.95 AUD (for Australian residents) or ONLY $19.95 ( for Non Australian residents).

Here is some of what you get from the “How to Run a One Minute Practice” book offer:

Physical Book: A hard copy of my “How to Run a One Minute Practice” physical book.

PDF Book: A link to download the pdf version of “How to Run a One Minute Practice” so you can get immediate access.

Video Link: A link to the video of me delivering my “How to Run a One Minute Practice” live seminar – so you and your team get immediate access to this incredible information.

Extra Bonus Resources:

The book also contains a link for you to download extra bonus resources to help you run your own One Minute Practice – including sample New Patient Agreements, Welcome Letters,Welcome Emails, Marketing Planner, Profit and Loss Spreadsheets and Sample Lead Generation Vouchers used in some of the world’s leading allied health businesses.

Save a Bundle On the Contractor V’s Employee DVD 

As a special offer to my email subscribers you are able to order the “The Truth About Contractor V’s Employee Relationship in Health Care – What All Health Business Owners MUST Know” DVD at a special bundle price of only $59.90 AUD (usually $125)  – when you also order a copy of my new book “How to Run a One Minute Practice“.

The link to the book and DVD Bundle offer page is below – however international subscribers please read the text belowBEFORE you click on the link:

International Subscribers – Non Australians ONLY

On the sales page for the book – you get to choose if you are Australian or International – as the price for the book is different due to higher international postage costs.

However, if you are an international subscriber and want to get a copy of the “Contractor V’s Employee” DVD at this great “Book Bundle Price” then click on the “Australian” button and fill in your order.

NOTE – If you live outside Australia and only want the book (and not the Contractor DVD) you will need to order the book using theInternational – button.

The link to the book and DVD Bundle offer page is below – however non Australian subscribers please remember – you canorder the Book and Contractor DVD Bundle by using the Australian page – but if you ONLY want the book (and not the contractor DVD) – you must use the “International” page to order.