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My Biggest Lesson from the Referral Marketing Seminar on Saturday Was !!

Last Saturday a motivated and enthusiastic group of health business owners gathered in Sydney to attend the “Ultimate Health Business Referral System – How to Quadruple Your Referrals in 30 Days or Less” event with myself and referral marketing guru – Michael Griffiths.

At this live event Michael and I described the exact nine step formula all health business owners need to use – to effectively generate referral to their clinics and practices.

One of the standout points from the event was to make sure all health business owners clearly identify exactly who their best referrers are likely to be – and then strategically recruit these people into a structured referral programs.

Do not leave this to chance and hope the right referrers come into your business funnel – this is a recipe for disaster.

A simple way to start your search is to look at the people who currently refer your best clients to you.

What do these referrers have in common?

What do they do?

Where do they live?

Then ask yourself – How can you put yourself into places where these ideal referrers hang out?

I came to the realization many years ago – that the best referrers to my health businesses were typically active members of the fitness centre my clinic was located in as well as being members of the local private golf club.

As you can already work out – my best referrers were also the more affluent members of society.

This should be no surprise to you – however you may not fully understand why this is the case.

Across the board (and yes I know I am generalizing a little here but stick with me) affluent members of the community are more likely to seek recommendations from their network than less affluent people.

If a wealthy person needs a Physio to look at their son’s knee injury – the first avenue of enquiry is to contact one of their affluent friends and ask who they would recommend.

Affluent people are less likely to go to Google, the Yellow Pagesor the newspaper – when requiring products and services – especially important services like health care needs for them and their family.

So what is the lesson for you.

Identify your most effective and consistent referrers – then commence clear and strategic strategies to recruit more of these ideal referrers.

You need to know exactly where these people hang out and who with – so you know your referral marketing campaign has greater chance of success.

In my case – as my ideal referrers were members of the local private golf club – that would be my first target.

I would join the club, offer free lectures, put articles in theirnewsletter, and provide free injury screening sessions for all members – whatever it took to get me front and centre of this ideal audience.

I suggest you do the same.

Ultimate Referral Marketing System Recording

If you were not able to attend the live event last Saturday you will be pleased to know that I recorded the referral marketing event and will now get to work producing the “Done for You” team training version of this incredible program.

My goal is to create a done for you training system that all health business owners can use to structure their own referral generation system – that you and your team can complete.

The package will contain video, audio and transcripts of the live seminar as well as a data disc that will include a huge selection of referral generation tools, templates and scripts – guaranteed to save you years of hard work and generate hundreds of extra clients to your health business.

The package will also include my “How to Increase Doctor Referrals” presentation – as well as all doctor visit scripts, handouts and templates used by some of the worlds best and most successful health practices to generate doctor referrals.

I will let you know when the package is available.