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Why Word of Mouth is Killing Your Health Business?

OK – I know you are going to find this a strange concept and hard to appreciate.

Here is a guy – ie ME – promoting a one day referral marketing seminar yet coming out and bluntly saying that “Word of Mouth Marketing is Killing You Health Business”.

I can hear the cries from here:

“But Wrighty – isn’t word of mouth just another form of referral marketing?”.

Yes it is – but here is the truth of the matter – especially as it relates to health business owners.

The majority of health business owners have very limited marketing knowledge or marketing systems in place in their businesses.

In fact – when I ask owners in my seminars where most of their new patients come from – the most common reply is “Word of Mouth“.

Those of you who have done any of my marketing seminars will know – anytime a health business owner tells me “Word of Mouth” is their best marketing method – they are effectively saying:

I Don’t have a Marketing Plan“.

So why is “Word of Mouth Killing Your Health Business?”.

There are a number of reasons for this – however – one of the main reasons is laziness.

Yes – laziness on the part of the health business owner to take action and make the referral generation process a system and not just a sporadic – osmotic – event.

Think about it.

If you do a great job – deliver excellent service – and help lots of people achieve a great health outcome – you would think these happy clients would be racing out there to tell the world how good you are.

However -whilst some clients do become your evangelist – a vastmajority do not.

So this trickle of new clients from word of mouth referrals – is satisfying enough for the health business owner – and thus prevents them from taking this erratic referral process and turning it into a fully blown Referral Generation System.

In fairness to most owners – many of them do not have the time – or the knowledge to fully systematize this referral process – so it gets left on the shelf – relegated to one of those “I should get to this” list – and essentially forgotten.

If you are relying on a non systematic – “Word of Mouth” referral generation program you are costing yourself thousands of dollars each and every month in lost income and opportunities.

You MUST make the referral generation process one of your systems – with structure – training – KPI’s and measurement – not just a natural part of running a successful health business.

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