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Two Questions You Front Desk Team MUST Be Able to Answer

In my dealings with health business owners and their admin teams it becomes painfully obvious that many admin team members are not correctly educated on what I call – the mechanics of the business.

Many happily go about their daily tasks – totally oblivious to the economic consequences of their actions.

However – think about it for a second – why would admin team members have any real concept of the business mechanics and numbers – if they are never explained or taught these fundamentals?

It is responsibility of all health business owners to make sure their admin team members know the answer to these two fundamental business questions.

Question One – What is the money making model of the business?

All health business owners MUST explain and educate each and every front desk team member on the the money model the business operates under.

This includes ensuring the admin team understand such things as:

– how money is generated in the business

– who is paying for the treatment sessions – ie the patient, insurers, employers

– how delays in billing insurance companies can impact the bottom lines and cash flow

– how many treatments per day need to be delivered to even keep the doors open and pay wages for team members.

The admin team need to understand the money making model.

Question Two – What is My Role in the Money Making Model?

Following on from the question above all team members must then develop an understanding of their exact role in this money making model.

What tasks, actions, duties and roles do they have in the business that can directly impact this money making model.

These roles may include:

– the need to fill the appointment book sooner rather than later

– how empty spots in the daily diary are not generating incomefor the business and cannot be filled once they have passed.

– the consequences of failing to return clients call who was asking about an appointment

– sending invoices to insurance companies on time and why

– how not collecting the payment from a client at the end of a consult can lead to a bad debt and loss of clinic income.

Many health business owners make the mistake of assuming their admin team understand how important their role is at front desk- where in truth – many admin team members simply go about their day answering the phones and helping clients – but not really understanding how their performance impacts the business.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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