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Bing Lee and Anytime Fitness Get it – Do You?

Being a serious student of marketing – I love seeing companies thinking outside the box and trying different marketing methods – and this was a cracker.

I heard a radio advert in the car the other day from one of our large electronic retailers – Bing Lee – nothing unusual there as they are heavy radio advertisers.

However – what caught my attention was the great joint venture offer they made with with a major fitness centre chain – Anytime Fitness.

I don’t recall the exact offer – however – the guts of the message was that if you purchased a certain product from Bing Lee – they would throw in a period of FREE membership to Anytime Fitness.

A simple joint venture between two non competing companies.

This advert got me thinking about why more health businesses do not do the same thing more often.

How easy would it be for a Chiropractic clinic to approach the local fitness centre and offer all new patients a free month of gym usage.

The Chiropractic clinic wins – because they are increasing the value of their initial service.

The local gym wins – because they get the chance to impress a potential new member.

And the best part of all – this marketing is pretty much FREE.

So what is the lesson to you in health business?

Ask yourself two simple questions:

1. Who else wants my customers?

2. Who else has my customers?

The answer to these two questions will give you a long lists of potential joint venture partners you can approach about making a related offers to your respective client lists.

Marketing does not get much easier than that.

In my next email I will tell you about one of our most successful ever joint venture deals – and how you can steal this idea and help your health business kick massive goals in 2016.

Keep an eye out for my next email where all will be revealed.

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