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Don’t Be a Horn Honker

I was in New York recently and continue to be amazed at how drivers are continually leaning on the horn button – for no apparent reason.

There are cars stuck in traffic jams – taxis going nowhere – but above all the gridlock is the steady sound of car horns going off everywhere.

I am convinced that no obvious benefit is obtained by using the horn – however there does appear to be a deeper reason for this practice – and it has implications for you as a health business owner.

The horn honker – feels they are at least doing something.

The physical action of sounding the horn – does not make a lick of difference to the flow of the traffic – but the “honker” feels like they have taken action.

Many health business owners are like this – especially when it comes to marketing their businesses.

I see time and time again – well meaning owners agreeing to place adverts in local golf club magazines, place their business name on pens, have their business banner up on the gym wall- all without really tracking response or knowing if any new business comes from these activities.

The health business owner is effectively “Honking their Horn“.

They don’t really know what to do to market their business – so just the act of doing something (as useless as it may be) makes them feel like they are actually making progress.

I remember hearing about a guy who wrote a book about how to beat the tax man and reduce your taxes – and he said of many thousands of books he had sold – very few buyers actually read the book.

These book buyers are “Horn Honkers“.

The buy a book about beating the tax man – never read it – never take any of the actions suggested in the book – but feel better simply because they took action and bought a book about reducing their taxes.

So what is the lesson for you as a smart health business owner?

Don’t be a horn honker.

Don’t place adverts or agree to some marketing activity just because agreeing to it makes you feel like you are doing something.

Be strategic in your marketing activities.

Only place adverts or agree to partake in marketing activities you can accurately track and measure for actual results.

Do not sign up to the next advertising guy who turns up at your door without analyzing the opportunity and making sure you can track response.

But most of all – understand that just doing something to market your business (because it makes you feel better) is not a great way to promote your business.

Select a limited number of marketing activities – develop a method to test and measure the response – then expand your activities.

Do not just lean on your horn think you are doing a great job marketing your business – take action YES – but be strategic and test your activities very closely.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright