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Your Single Most Important Question?

Why Did’nt We Learn This at University?

I recently conducted a survey in which I asked fellow health professionals a number of questions about their health businesses and what they really wanted to know more about – the idea of the survey was to get a better idea of what health professionals want to know more about so I can ensure I include this information in my upcoming seminar series and future products.

One of the questions I asked in the survey was – “Whats you single most important question about improving your health business?”

Some of the responses included:

“How do I get the balance being working in the business and on the business right? Is it short term financial pain because I will be billing less? Its probably my mindset but i also need to be productive in the ‘working on time’ – not just blocking it off for it to be filled with little procrastination jobs!”

“How do you develop great systems for the practice to operate while still being the main practitioner? How do you continue to grow while removing yourself from the practice as a clinician?”

“Getting good allied health staff, and dealing with all the baggage they have with them, e.g. opposed to marketing etc”

For those that have not filled out the survey – please add your question to this blog and if you have a suggestion for the questions already posted – then I welcome your comments.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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