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Why I Swapped Email Programs and What You Can Learn from This

If you have been following my recent emails you will recall that I have been systematically moving away from one of my email programs (Constant Contact) and swapping all email communication over to a single email delivery platform (Aweber).

Why have I Done This? 

Well the answer is relatively simple – but long winded – sorry !!

Here goes:

I had been using Aweber for many years as my online email capture and delivery platform – you would have seen many of my webpages have a Aweber email capture form on them.

However, I also wanted to stay in touch with the clients of my Physiotherapy business by using email to send such things as patient newsletters and clinic updates.

I found out rather quickly that it was not possible to send an email to my full database of past clients using our Microsoft Outlook or Gmail accounts – as these email deliver programs are more for personal email – not bulk messaging.

As I already had an Aweber account I thought I could just import all my current patients names and email addresses into the Aweber program and send them from here.

However  – this is where the problem of “Re-opting In” came to my attention.

At that time many email delivery programs – including Aweber- would be required to send a message to all people you loaded into their system – asking them to “click here to agree to be on Paul Wright’s email list”  – BEFORE you could actually send any emails to them using the new email delivery program.

I am sure you can see the problem this “Re- opting In” would create.

Your patient list of thousands of past clients – would be cut dramatically – as many of your clients may not see this re-opt in email – not understand what it was about- or be too busy to accept your invitation to re-connect with you and your new email program.

So after much research I discovered that an email delivery program called “Constant Contact” – allowed you to import your email database and not be forced to send a re-opt in message.

So I ended up with 2 different email programs.

Aweber – for my online business , optin forms and autoresponder messages and Constant Contact – for my Physiotherapy clinic patients and other specific seminar marketing.

However – over the coming years I ended up with a lot of people who were on both my Aweber and my Constant Contact program – and getting the same email twice – if I sent the same message to both lists.

So What Changed?

Not long ago – Aweber changed the way they structured their email program and allowed users to import name and email lists into their program WITHOUT having to do the re-opt in process.

So – as long as I had a correctly compiled email list – which I do – I was able to move my old Constant Contact email list – into my Aweber program- to ensure no subscriber received double up messages.

So I now have only one active email program – Aweber – that is now made up of my original Aweber connections – PLUS – all my old Constant Contact patients and seminar attendee lists.

That – my friends is the long and short of it.

Lessons for You

– Make sure you can track the open rate and deliverability of all emails you send.

– Ensure the email program you chose for your patient email system allows you to import your current patient list WITHOUT them having to opt in again to your list.

– Always send high quality messages and not just spam to your subscribers – they must receive value fro your communication.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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