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The Experts are Wrong – This Marketing Method is Not Dead

I am forever reading blog posts, articles and comments from marketing and business experts saying that “Email Marketing” is a dead duck – and is no longer effective as a marketing media.

What a load of rubbish !!!!

I agree there is more clutter and noise in your clients email in boxes then ever before – making it harder to get your message through.

I agree your clients are becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information and messages (including email) they receive every day.

However – this is the same problem we face for all media – be it TV, radio, newspaper, sms ,facebook, letterbox drops or twitter.

Regardless of the actual media you use to deliver your message – you must remember one key thing.

If your message is important enough – is of high quality – hasvalue to your potential reader – and helps them solve a key issue or problem – then the media itself can still be effective.

Where email marketers fall down – is they send message after message but do not have valuable and useful content to share with their audience.

You reading this email is a classic example.

Yes – I do make you read the information at the top about an upcoming seminar, product launch or special offer – however I make no apologies for that – as I stand by the quality of the information I share.

That is why my email opening rate is still one of the best in the business.

You all know there is valuable content in my emails.

So you keep opening them – benefiting from my knowledge – and learning from my experience.

So what is the lesson for you as a health business owner.


If you have noticed a drop in your email opening rates or an increase in your unsubscribes – then FIX THE MESSAGE.

Increase the quality of your content.

Ask your database what they need help with.

Then put some time and effort into the content you are sharing with your email subscribers.

Then and only then will your email marketing campaign prove effective.

Remember – you have to earn the right to make an offer for your product or services – just like I do in my business.

I give away lots of free content, run free webinars, post useful blog content and include important information in my regular emails.

I earn the right to tell you more about my products and services.

You need to do the same.

In my next email I will actually go into more detail about the email platforms I use and recommend and a key change that has made one of them even more attractive to health business owners.

I am sure you will read that message – as it is highly valuable to you.

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