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Core Work Processes – Do You Have Any in Your Health Business?

One of the keys to a great health business is having the right systems in place and making sure these systems are followed by all team members – these systems are called in some organisations – Core Work Processes.

I have identified 12 Core Work Processes at my health business and my upcoming seminars are an overview of these processes – however – what are the criteria for identifying and developing these processes?

According to the Covey Leadership Program – a Core Work Process should be something that:

a) the leader can describe accurately

b) the team can describe accurately

c) there is physical evidence of its presence

d) the team does consistently

e) is aligned to achieve the highest of priorities

f) enables people to give their best

g) operates independently of the owner of the business

h) endures well beyond the leader.

An example of a Core Work Process may be as simple as the way the phone is anwsered in your business – can you and your team describe how it is done accurately, is the scripts written down so there is evidence of its presence, is it done consistently, is the phone answered in a way the reflects your business priorities of excellent service and respect for all clients, does the script allow your team to give their best, does it happen well and correctly when you are not there and will it be done this way well after you have left the organisation or sold the business?

Your business needs well organised and co-ordinated Core Work Processes – and this is the basis of my “Practice Acceleration Program” seminars and materials – if you dont have these systems in place you will ultimately be a slave to your business – so get cracking and put these processes in place NOW.

I welcome your comments and feedback – especially with regards to the best Core Work processes you have put into your health business that we can all learn from.

Paul Wright



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