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More Business Tips from The Bachelor – Not That I Watch It of Course

OK I admit it – I have been watching “The Bachelor” on evening television.

Just to be clear – it is not my preference – but the girls seem to be able to wrestle the remote from my hand and as a result – turn off Fox Sports News – before I even get much of a say.

So if you can;t beat them – join them.

In my quest for complete and comprehensive business understanding – there was an interesting business lesson on last nights episode – related to the introduction of the “Intruders”.

For those not up to speed on this incredible social experience – at the start of the show last night there were six girls left in the “Bachelor House” – with one of the six destined to be the girl of the Bachelors dreams.and about to take the prize.

However – the game got interesting when two new girls – intruders – re added to the mix.

What was interesting from a business perspective in this situation – was how upset the current girls were when the new girls arrived.

It was almost like the new girls were invading the current girls hard earned territory.

This made me think of the situation many health business owners are placed in – when a new provider opens a new clinic nearby – and attempts to gain market share from the more established owner.

This happens all the time in business – and in reality television it seems.

So what is the lesson from “The Bachelor”.

Firstly never take your current client list for granted and think they will always be there for you – look after your current herd.

Secondly – you should always expect competition to be just around the corner – and never stop your marketing programs – even when things are going really well.

Thirdly – look for the opportunity in every situation – for in most cases there is always a positive outcome if you can just find the right angle.

In health care – the new provider may be great at some aspect of health care that you are not interested in – so you may develop a cross referral relationship.

This new provider may eventually buy your business so you can take a new career and life path.

You never know.

The bottom line – don’t sit there like the girls on “The Bachelor” – complaining about the increased competition.

Look for ways to build closer links to your current client list, work harder on your marketing programs, create more specialized programs that would make it hard for a new business to compete with.

Essentially – protect and water your turf because you can be sure of one thing in business:

“The Intruders are Coming”

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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