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Why This Health Business Owner Should Never Answer the Phone

I am always speaking to health business owners and users of health businesses about their personal experiences and I could not help but share this classic “Owner Disaster” with you.
A friend of mine recently called an allied health business to double check an appointment time – and the conversation went something like this:

Caller:  “Hi it’s Sue Smith here – i just wanted to double check my appointment time for next Wednesday with Mary”.
Clinic : (short of breath and obviously flustered) “OK – let me check …….. I can’t see any appointment there in your name – (sound of shuffling paper and grumbling) – I am the practice owner and my admin girl has just ducked out for a second – look I can’t see your name in the book so just call back if you need to make an appointment”.
End of call
Now this would be comical if it was a comedy skit and meant to be funny – but this is a real conversation from a current health business.
Scary don’t you think.
Now before you get on your high horse and slam this struggling health business owner – take a good look at exactly what is happening in your business each and every time the phone rings.
I always had great pride in my clinic systems and phone scripts – however I once rang my clinic and one of my therapists picked up the phone and said:
So it can happen to the best of us.
However there are a few lessons here for us all.
Firstly – appreciate that every single time the phone rings is an opportunity to create a great impression, help someone and build your business – never forget the power of the telephone.
Secondly – never leave it to a caller to ring you back – take their details and make sure their call is returned promptly.
Thirdly – as the owner of the business – you set the tone of the business – if you come across as slack and uninformed – the caller will think this is how your whole business is operated.
Fourthly – if you are no able to take the call and do a good job of it –  then you are better off leaving it to the message bank service – assuming the call will be returned and they actually leave a message – but this may be a risk worth taking if you are going to treat your caller poorly.
I suggest all health business owners regularly make dummy calls to your own clinic just to check that the systems are being followed and calls are being attended to correctly – this is an essential part of your marketing and system management procedures.
I hope this help you in your health business.
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