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You are a Salesperson – Like it or Not

In my business, Get Active Physiotherapy, we always operate with the highest level of professional integrity – however we also appreciate that in a highly competitive marketplace with a struggling economy – we need to maximise our returns to ensure that the doors stay open. Many health professionals think that they are in health care – when in reality they are as much in the business of “selling” as most genuine car salesman.

 If you are a great health professional you want people to know about you and your skills, you want them to tell their friends, you want to make a difference to peoples lives, you know you have specific skills that can dramatically improve the quality of your patients – if this is all true then like it or not – you are in SALES.

You are selling your skills, your solutions and your results to your patient and their referrals every day – if it helps you any I came across a great definition of selling that I think really fits the health industry – it says that “Selling is simply a transfer of enthusiasm”.

Meaning that you are transferring your enthusiasm for your solutions to your potential and current clients (this is called “selfless selling”) – there is nothing unethical or unprofessional about this as long as you believe in your product or service with all your heart.

However, be aware that you only cross into unethical and unprofessional practice in health care if you attempt to sell a client a product or service that you do not believe in and they do not need – then and only then are you a “selfish seller” rather than a “selfless seller” – the difference is huge and to use “selfish selling” techniques will ultimately destroy your business and your reputation.

 One of the easiest ways to get this concept of “selfless selling” is to remember the last time you went and bought an expensive item – but still felt that you were looked after and cared for by the salesperson.

 My wife and I recently bought a new car – the salesperson (yes a car salesman) could not have been more helpful – he knew about the product, asked specifically what we were looking for and presented us with a great product that we could not have been happier with.

 He was honest, up front, interested, enthusiastic – he transferred his enthusiasm for his product – and ultimately he got the sale. He then followed up and still remembers our names when we go in to get the car serviced. 

Think about this for a moment – this excellent car salesman did a great job of matching his product to our needs and we could not have been happier – this is exactly the same relationship you need to develop with your clients and patients.

We are all in sales – like it or not.

I welcome your comments and feedback

Paul Wright



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