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Learn from My Risky Decision and Grow Your Business

As expected – I received a massive response from my “End of Financial Year Offer” which ended last week.

The offer was based around me giving you guys the opportunity to take any of my big packs – the Practice Acceleration Program, The Ultimate Front Desk Training System or the Ultimate Patient Attraction System – for an up front payment of ONLY $30 with the balance to be paid in 3 equal installments at 40 days, 70 days and 100 days post purchase.

The many smart health business owners who took me up on my offer get 40 days to have had a good look at the packs and evaluate if the program will give them great return on their investment.

If they don’t think the pack they ordered is right for them – they just send it back and they are not charged for the program.

A pretty good and fair deal don’t you think?

This is a classic example of the concept of “Risk Reversal” and it is a concept that all health business owners need to understand and use in their health business.

Think about my “EOFY Offer” for a moment.

I am taking all the risk – which is one of the main reasons it was such a popular promotion.

It actually costs me more than $30 to post out each pack order – sometimes double that for the international buyers – so there is a chance I will be out of pocket should the buyer decide to send the pack back before the first payment is made at Day 40.

I risk that the buyer may get the package – copy all the files, CD’s, DVD’s and Manuals – and then send the original pack back for a refund.

Pretty crappy – but it is a risk you take in this business.

I even risk that the buyer’s credit card is declined at some time in the payment process – and they don’t send back the pack – leaving me not only without the pack – but also without any payment.

However – what I do know for sure – is that there are a large number of health business owners who are not 100% convinced that my packs are the best option for them – so they sit on the fence and do nothing.

Which certainly does not help them – but also does not help me.

So it makes perfect sense to give these “fence sitters” a totally risk free opportunity to see if my packages are as good as I say they are in my marketing.

Do you see the possible lesson for you – health business owners?

In the majority of health businesses – you are still asking your new clients to take all the risk by booking an appointment and paying you some of their hard earned money for that consultation.

But there are lots of risks for the new patient in this arrangement.

Think about it for a second.

The new client is risking that you are able to help them get better.

They are risking that they will like you and feel comfortablewhen they meet you.

They risk being sold ongoing care that they are not sure they need.

They risk being pressured into buying products and servicesthat again – they are not sure if they need.

They also – in many cases – need to take their clothes off in front of a complete stranger and reveal sensitive information  about their medical history.

Is it any wonder that the majority of people start their health issue search behind the safety of their computer screen as they search good old “Dr Google“.

I encourage all health business owners to get your heads out of the textbooks and face the reality of health care in the modern era.

People do not have the same level of trust in health professionals as they did in the past.

You need to do everything in your power to even up this risk equation – and even go above and beyond so that the risks encountered when a new client makes an initial appointment – are mostly yours – and not theirs.

A good place to start is a simple 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I believe all health businesses should make every new (and existing) client aware that if at any time they are not 100% satisfied with the quality of a treatment session – all they need to do is let you know and you will refund them for this consult.

I also like to go a step further and give this client their next session for free – as a way to thank them for helping you make the business even better.

I also suggest you give away free pre-assessments, give free lectures to local sports clubs and write great content articles for local magazines.

These are also ways of letting people find out more about you – before they take the plunge and commit to a full paying consultation.

It is no longer viable to expect your clients to take all the risk.

Be bold.

Be brave.

But most of all be aware – of the need to reduce the risks faced by new clients when they decide to do business with you.

I hope this helps you in your health business.