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To Post or Not to Post – That is the Question

In every health business marketing seminar I deliver – I always get this question.

“Is it OK to just email my monthly clinic newsletter to my patient database – or should I use direct mail and post it as well?”

It is not hard to see the attraction of using email only newsletter delivery.

Email is cheap (it is hard to get much cheaper than FREE)  and email is easy.

Whereas – direct mailing your newsletter to your database – is expensive, time consuming and seemingly obsolete.

However – do not let the email marketing gurus fool you.

I always suggest direct mailing your clinic newsletter AS WELL as sending it via email.

There are a number of reasons for this preference for direct mail – here are just a few.

1. The Posted Version Has a Better Chance of Being Opened

With email opening rates gradually dropping – it is likely that your email opening rate will be somewhere between 20 and 30% – so in effect up to 80% of your database are not even getting your newsletter.

There is also the issue that many of your clients may not have even given you their email address in the first place – so out of your 10,000 person client list – you may only have 2000 active email addresses anyway.

So now your newsletter deliver rate is now only 20% of the 2000 email address you have on file.

2. The Posted Version Has a Better Chance of Being Read

As much as the internet gurus push their programs and technology platforms – a large majority of people still like getting and reading physical material in the post.

Email is simply too easy to delete and ignore.

3. Not as Many People Are Using Direct Mail

As more and more companies take the easy (or lazy) option of relying solely on email message delivery – there is less mail in each persons physical street mailbox or PO Box.

Compare this to the amount of clutter in most peoples email inbox – it is clear to see that good old direct mail – has some real advantages.

That being said – I still get my private clients to work hard on their email marketing campaigns.

Use a good bait to get the new patients email address in the first place, send structured and specific follow up emails and regular offers.

But DO NOT make the mistake of using email marketing ONLY.

The best businesses use a combination of offline and online marketing media to successfully market their businesses.

I suggest you do the same.



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