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A Tip for Wright’s Dentist – The Saga Continues?

For those who have been following the progress of my recent dental issues – and the business lessons these health professionals have provided for us – I should give you the latest update.

I recently attended my follow up appointment with the dental specialist – he was the guy with the great admin team who provided exceptional service in my recent email series.

Anyway – it appears I cannot attend an appointment with a fellow health professional without having my “health business consultant” hat on – and finding issues with their business.

Now this issue – is one that all health professionals need to be aware of – but may be difficult to correct.

Let me set the scene.

I am in the waiting area of the dental specialists rooms – ready to go in for my follow up appointment.

Now – as you know from my past emails – I am a nervous dental patient at the best of times – so as my appointment got closer – I was getting more and more anxious.

Then – the worst thing that could have happened – happened.

The patient making her way out of the dentists treatment room –  looked like she had gone a few rounds with a heavyweight champ.

Her face was contorted in pain – she had a mouth full of cotton balls – blood was tricking from the side of her mouth – and was being assisted to walk by a female friend.

Not able to talk well – her friend arranged the next appointment with the admin team – looked after the payment – then they shuffled off into the car park – be it slowly and carefully.

By this stage I was beside myself.

It is bad enough that I am a nervous dental patient – but to have the patient before me – come out of the treatment room in such a state – was bordering oncruelty.

Now I can laugh about it now – as I am sure you are as you image the look on poor old Wrighty’s face as the patient staggered out of the treatment room – but I can tell you for sure – at that moment – it was no laughing matter.

So what could this dental specialist do to ease the concerns of a chicken like me?

Well maybe take a look at the patient flow in the clinic.

Have a “holding room” for the next patient – where I can be kept from seeing the battering the past patient received.

I even thought they could have a rear exit – to shuffle the badly beaten clients out of the clinic so the fresh patient – does not see the damage this expert can inflict.

It is worth taking note of this in your health business.

If your clients are all coming out of the treatment room in great shape and raving about your skills – then by all means – parade them before the waiting clientsand give them to opportunity to talk about how good you are.

However – if some reason – your client is in some distress after your session – for whatever reason – it is worth keeping them out of sight of the incoming clients – either by controlling patient flow or using a holding room approach.

Whilst this may not seem like a big deal – as the owner of the business – you need to be doing all you can to help create a calm – relaxed and trusting environment for all clients – especially those new to your business and low on trust.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

BTW – I survived the treatment and don’t need to go back for another six months – I don’t think the lady who came out before me – was quite as lucky – ha ha.



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