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Defend Yourself if You Want Business Success

One of my mentors once told me that one of the fastest ways to achieve business success is by having to “defend yourself and the way you run your business“.

He was referring to the importance of mastermind sessions – and the use ofbusiness coaching programs – where the facilitator or coach asks you to explain exactly why you do things a certain way in your business.

You can see the problem many health business owners face – when they are not part of a structured mentor or coaching arrangement – they do not have to defend themselves and their decisions – because they are the boss and what they say goes.

A classic example happened in a recent Mastermind event – where one of the attendees was speaking about how many consulting hours they were still doing in their practice.

Now – take note – this clinic owner had 10 full time treating therapists on his books – and he was feeling overwhelmed that he had no time to effectively run and market the business – largely dues to his large clinical load.

My immediate question was:  “Why are you still spending so much time treating clients when you need to be spending more of your time on business management, marketing , team training and even family time?”

His answer was simply – ” Well I filled in for a guy who went on holidays – but then never dropped back my consulting hours once the guy came back from his break“.

This is a classic example of a business owner who was called upon to defend himself – and came up short when trying to explain his actions.

There are two lessons in this for you as a health business owner:

Lesson One – You Must Be Able to Defend Yourself

You need to be very clear of the exact reasons and rationale for each and every decision you make in your health business.

You must be sure that the choices you are making each and every day are sound and make good business sense.

You should never hide behind rubbish responses like  “That’s just the way I have always done it” or ” the team would not let me do that“.

These soft and indecisive cop-outs are slowing your business progress and reducing your business success.

Lesson Two – Get a Coach and/or Join a Mastermind Group

There is nothing more powerful than to have input and interaction with a skilled business mentor or mastermind group.

I am currently in one Mastermind group and have 2 different business coaches – and in each and every session I am called upon to “Defend Myself” and the choices I have made in the business.

I am constantly being challenged regarding my marketing materials, websites, videos, programs, ideas, products and promotions – and even after years and years in business – I still make some really dumb mistakes – that i would not fix if I was not challenged by my coaches and mastermind group members.

This is the same for all of us.

Do yourself a favour and get involved with a good business coach and sign up for a mastermind group – if one if available in your area.

They will pay for themselves hundreds of times over each and every year – guaranteed.

If you are a New Zealand based health professional – or fancy a tax deductible trip to NZ – then register for my next mastermind event in Auckland on Friday June 12th – where you will be most certainly asked to defend yourself.

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