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Front Desk KPI’s You Need This to Increase Profits?

I continue to be amazed at how little emphasis health business owners place on the scripting, training, recruitment and measurement of their front desk team.

That being said – in my early business ownership years – I too made the mistake of focusing too much of my training time on the therapy staff and not enough on the admin team.

Do not make the same mistake – work as hard on your admin team as you do on your therapy team – in fact – I think you should work harder on your admin than any other part of your health business.

Think about it for  a second.

Your admin team have a much larger number of “touch points” with your clients and database each day – than your therapy team have in a week.

The admin team are answering phone calls, replying to emails, liasing with referrers, handing the comings and goings of a huge number of patients , and generally being the face of your business.

One area of front desk management that many owners neglect is the allocation, explanation and measurement of Key Performance Indicators for admin team members.

Most clinics will ( hopefully) have some form of measurement of performance for their therapy team – but very few have any real indicators of the performance of the admin team.

This is a huge mistake and once you must correct quickly.

One of the simplest and most effective KPI’s for admin team is simply the “Clinic Utilization Rate” – ie what % of the available therapy hours are filled with paying clients.

The admin team have a huge role to play in managing and filling the appointment book for your health business – so they need to know that their effectiveness in this key task is being measured.

You need to decide what utilization rate you expect in your health business – determine an accurate way of measuring this ( be warned – many practice management software systems are often not accurate in calculating this figure) – and then inform your admin team that you will be now tracking and monitoring this utilization rate.

At least you have started to make the admin team aware of their key role in the business and that they are expected to achieve a certain measure each and every week.

If you want to learn more about front desk training and measurement I have decided to make my front desk webinar available again.

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Enjoy the online learning event.

Paul Wright



Ten Front Desk Mistakes That Cost You Over $1000 Every Week

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