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A Key Predictor of Health Business Success?

I had numerous comments on my email a few weeks ago regarding consequences – so i thought i would follow up with a closer review of this topic – ie accountability and speed of consequences – here goes.

As I visit different countries and speak to more and more health business owners – there are a number of things that really stand out when it comes to predicting who is going to be a successful health business owner – and who is going to struggle day in day out.

Now the actual definition of “a successful health business owner” is a topic in itself – however – for the sake of this discussion – I am referring to a successful health business owner as one who is able to leave their business for extended periods of time and not have the place burn down or be placed in receivership.

A business needs to give you freedom – not take your freedom away.

So what is the key predictor of being a “successful health business owner”?

In my eyes – the key predictor is how well a business owner is able to track and record that the key steps are being followed in the business – and following on from there – how quickly the owner is able to identify that a step is not being followed – and how soon the team knows that the owner knows.

This comes back to the issues of certainty – ie being certain that the key steps are being followed.

Followed by accountability – ie the team knowing they are accountable for their actions or lack of action.

Then closed out by the issue of consequence – ie what happens when you find out that a step is not being completed.

I firmly believe – that one of the biggest predictors of success as a health business owner is how quickly  you are able to identify a failure in your protocol completion – then how quickly you are able to make everyone aware you know about it – and thus correct it.

History is littered with health business owners who do not make their teams accountable, do not measure performance, and have no consequences in place for when the team member fails to perform a set task or protocol.

The Solution?

To help you solve this tracking, measurement and accountability issue – you will be pleased to know that I am in the final stages of development of my new “One Minute Practice” online tracking and reporting program for health businesses.

This unique online portal will give you the control and tracking ability you have previously only dreamed of – a very exciting prospect.

I will let you know more about this great initiative as we get closer to launch – so stay alert for the information when we go live.

In the meantime – do your best to track and record the performance and completion of set tasks – and reduce the delay between you finding out about the protocol failure – and you doing something about it.

The , and only then, do you have a health business and not a high stress JOB.

I wish you well in your health business.



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