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Is Paul Wright a Fraud ?

Over the past 5 years or so I have become more and more involved in online marketing and communication – this email is a classic example of my focus on all things online.

For my Profit Club program I interview experts from around the world on online marketing that includes web design, search engine optimization , Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, using Linkedin – and all things nerd like – so it stands to reason that I a pretty up to date with technology.

I also spend a lot of time assisting my private clients with their online needs – including web design, e-newsletters, blogs and google plus pages.

However – one thing struck me the other day that made me seriously question my online marketing credentials.

My beautiful wife Helen and I were discussing technology and I mentioned that I am not great at sending text messages – and my old Nokia flip phone does not make it easy by the way.

She then said:

“I thought you were the technology guru and help your clients with these technology issues – yet you struggle to send a simple text message – you are a fraud“.

Well – harsh words for sure – but there is some truth in the comment.

It is true – I don’t have a Smartphone – in fact I was very late to even get a regular mobile phone – as ┬ámy friends will confirm when they have trouble contacting me.

My fear has always been that – being a driven and focused kind of guy – having such easy access to my email programs, sales pages, and shopping carts would make my life a misery.

So what is the lesson for you in business.

What can you learn from my technology failures.

Simply that you do not need to be the slave to technology.

I have specific skills in many online marketing and sales techniques – however I do not need to be an expert in all of them.

I am getting very good at outsourcing much of my IT requirements – which lets me focus on the key drivers of my business – ie creating offers, developing relationships with joint venture partners and driving sales.

I do not need to know how to do everything myself in order to be a successful business owner.

And neither do you.

Yes – have a basic understanding of most things – so you can at least be involved in the decision making processes.

Yes – know the communication methods used by your ideal clients so you can stay in touch with them by the method that gives best results.

But under no circumstances should you waste huge amounts of valuable time leaning how to do everything and anything in your business – especially some of the more complex IT issues.

I know the money making model of my business – and I am always driven by the need for productivity and getting maximal return for my time invested – I suggest you do the same.

That being said.

I have finally caved in and have ordered a Smartphone – but I will also be very careful of how I use it in my business for maximal productivity.

I assume my next email will involve a story about how I threw the new Smartphone against the wall in utter frustrations – and went back to my old Nockia flip phone.

We shall see.

I welcome your comments.

Paul Wright