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The Key to a Successful 2015 – You Must Get This Right?

Well here we are – the start of a brand new year and hopefully you
are all fresh, fired up and ready to make this year your best ever in business.
I know I am.

However – there is one area of business development that has the
potential to slow your progress, destroy your momentum and make for
a painful 2015.

This business issue – has been the major hurdle for many of my
private coaching clients last year – and has the potential to
derail even the most diligent of business owners.

It is the issue of employment and other staff related problems.

These is no hiding from the fact that the success of many health
business is directly related to the quality of your team – however
I continue to be amazed at how little importance is placed on this
vital area of business development.

Many health business owners I know make huge mistakes in the area
of hiring and firing – including – but not limited to:

– hiring the wrong person or being too fast to take someone on as a
team member

– poor interview and screening systems to identify poor quality
applicants in the first place

– not truly listening to what the applicant says in the interview –
and missing vital clues as to their possible success in your team.

– failing to position yourself as the preferred employer in your
area which ultimately leads to the applicant having the upper hand
– and making their decision based solely on the wage you can afford
to pay them.

– not having accurate, clear and measurable performance KPI’s in
place from DAY ONE – that let you know if the new team member is
really up to the job at all.

– failing to have the “difficult conversation” quickly enough – ie.
letting the new team member go – before they can do real damage to
your business and your hard earned reputation.

I am sure these mistakes are familiar to you and and just some of
the main employment mistakes many health business owners make when
trying to expand their team.

So What Do You Do About It?

Well for a start correct the mistakes I mentioned above – and fast.

Take the time to interview all applicants thoroughly, call all
references and be careful in your selection.

Pay close attention to what the applicant says in the interview –
especially throw away comments like ” I would really love to work
overseas” – or “I am not great with paperwork”. Both of which have
brought me unstuck in past hiring situations.

Set up your KPI’s BEFORE the team member starts and let them know
exactly what is being measured and what is expected of them each
and every week.

And never shy away from the “we are just not a great fit
conversation – when you realise you have made a hiring mistake.

As one of my mentors once told me – “fail fast and move on“.

I suggest you do the same.

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Best Wishes
Paul Wright



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