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Can’t You Just Listen to the Radio Dad? A Valuable Lesson for Health Professionals

I was driving my youngest daughter to one of her many sporting activities last week when an interview was being broadcast on the radio.
One of the breakfast radio announcers was interviewing a well know comedian and was asking a series of questions – as all interviewers do.
As the interview progressed I said to my daughter:
Do you notice how the interview questions are scripted so that the comedian gets the chance to reply with a funny story – which will make you want to go to his upcoming show“.
I then followed up with:
“Do you appreciate that this casual chat – is actually a semi scripted advert for his show and they will mention the show dates at the end of the interview – you wait.”
She then looked over with her teenage attitude and said:
Can’t you just listen to the radio dad – do you have to analyze everything?”
Now she is right on one point – we all need downtime – however I had already been to the gym and had a swim in the ocean – so in my mind – I was back at work.
However – the big lesson for you from this conversation is that you should always be looking at how other people, companies and corporations market their businesses.
You should be forever reading the newspapers and magazines, watching infomercials, and listening to marketing messages from as many sources as possible.
The comedian had clearly sent  a list of questions to the radio station in preparation for the interview – as he knew this was a valuable marketing exercise and should not be left to chance.
I see way too many health professionals get the opportunity to make a great impression to a large audience of potential clients – only to muck it up by not being prepared – not having their questions scripted – or not having their presentation squeaky clean.
Do not make this mistake.
I once saw a health business owner present an award at a local sports club – as a club sponsor – dressed in a singlet that had the words  “I’m Broke” – on the front of the singlet.
(Sorry mate – I had to tell someone).
Here is a golden opportunity to build your brand and make a statement in front of a group of ideal clients – ie the parents of the sports club – and he mucked it up.
Plan your marketing activities, script your replies and questions, do not leave these important opportunities to chance.
Learn from the comedian – and make every opportunity count.
I hope this help you in your health business.
I welcome your comments.
Paul Wright



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