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Computer Software – Who Do You Use and Why?

There was some discussion last month on the Profit Club Members Only forum about the issue of computer software , however I am happy to give you some added advice here on the Million Dollar Health Professional blog – as the right software system is essential if you are to have a great health business.

Before I start giving direct recommendations you need to understand that I am yet to find a software system that does all the things I want it to do for me and my business – that being said here is what I consider the bare essentials in terms of computer generated software stats for most health businesses

–    Number of consults – per day, month, year, therapist etc

–    Total billings – separated into stock and consultation billings

–    Average Transaction Values – simply gross billing divided by consult number

–    Patient Visit Average (frequency of purchase) – ie the average number of sessions per client on an overall and as a per therapist basis.

–    Consult item breakdown – ie how many of each session where performed over a given period.

–    New Patient Number

–    New Patient referral source – some systems will even calculate income generated by referral source.

I currently use a program called TM2 – which does give me these stats – however I did have to work with the programming department of TM2 to get the reports in exactly the format I wanted – and you may need to do the same for your future system – their website is

Here are some tips on software for health businesses from my experience:

–    You need to get the best software system you can afford if you are at all serious about trying to remove yourself from the day to day running of your health business ( as I mention on my Profit Club series) – I can access my 3 clinics appointment books and stats from anywhere in the world and get real time results.

–    Some business can run great with a paper and pencil appointment book and no computer software – but the owner had better not step too far out of the clinic as it will soon fall down without constant monitoring.

–    Make sure you get great technical support – I currently pay a monthly fee for computer hardware support ( in case the computer or internet connection fails) and also software support ( in case the TM2 program has issues) – this is simply a standard cost of doing business now and must be included in your fees.

–  Have a MUST have list of items that your software company system needs to deliver when you are doing your research – don’t be swayed by other great sounding features that you never end up using anyway.

I also make great use of my admin team to record accurately all referral sources for new patients, now many follow up sessions are booked after the initial consult, and that many of our follow up items are completed  this is in the form of a simple spreadsheet and runs in parallel to our software system.

 Never worry about getting your admin team to complete these documents(even if they are labour intensive)  – in my business the admin team are the gatekeepers that make sure the therapists complete the necessary steps in our patient flow system – it is one thing for your computer system to track the results of things but your admin team are a great resource to ensure compliance.

 Finally – do your homework and take your time with your software decisions – as it is an expensive and painful step to change providers.

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Paul Wright



3 thoughts on “Computer Software – Who Do You Use and Why?

  1. Antony

    Just started using ClinicOffice v4 –

    It is UK based, SMS works out at <11c/message and cost, support and site licenses all cheaper than TM2 with EXCELLENT support.

    Just doesn’t have touch notes or WC plans etc…but it tracks referrals without the need for a separate spreadsheet and produces a task report so you can track tasks that need to be completed.

    It is also prettier than PPMP 🙂


  2. TM2 Healthcare Solutions

    Thank you for the great review Paul, it is always nice to hear how we are helping another happy TM2 customer.

    I would suggest that a must have list for practice management software features should include digital clinical notes. This can save a large amount of time in retrieving and filling records and is especially useful where your practice has multiple locations. TM2 utilises a customisable template based clinical notes system that focuses on notes that can be completed during a consultation without interrupting the communication flow with a patient. Additionally as a template based system it ensures that the correct information is being recorded every time a patient attends a consultation.

    Anyone who is interested in seeing how TM2 works can request a free demo of the software via our website at or by calling us on 1300 855 023.

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