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Dumb – Dumb – Dumb – Do Not Do This?

I like to think I am a pretty sharp business owner – but sometimes I really drop the ball – like I did last week.

With the Canadian seminars coming up in September I have a highly structured marketing program set up and running – as you would expect when I am teaching marketing.

However – last week – I found myself committing the ultimate business sin.

Spending valuable time doing low value work – that could have (and should have) been outsourced.

It was bad enough that I had just wasted 20 valuable minutes collecting a batch of Canadian seminar brochures from the printers – but then the unthinkable happened.

I then spent the next 2 hours – folding and stuffing the brochures into the envelopes so they could be posted to Canada that day.

This did my head in – big time.

Here I am – this supposed big wig of productivity and marketing – and I spend 2 hours of valuable time stuffing envelopes.

In my defense – there were some trying circumstances in play – a mail deadline, my usual “stuffer” was out of the office etc – but that is still no real excuse.

That being said at least I knew it was a poor use of my time – and was highly irritated for the full 2 hours – as I appreciated this activity was incredibly poor time usage on my part.

So what is the lesson for you as smart health business owners.

Learn from my stupidity.

Be constantly aware of the value of your time and make sure you are not put in a position (like I was) where you were forced to do a low value task because of poor forward planning.

Outsource as many low value tasks as you can and be ruthless with your available time.

I have a notice on my wall to constantly remind me of my need to protect my time – it says:

What is the most important thing that ONLY I can do right now?”

Look for the important tasks that only you can do – and get stuck into them.

This simple tip can totally transform your business and your income – guaranteed.

And a quick note to those Canadian health business owners who receive the seminar brochure in the mail – appreciate that is was personally packed and sent my me – ha ha

Remember – if you have not yet booked in for my upcoming Canadian seminars then go to the page below to find out more and register.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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