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Your Team Will Hate Me for This

I had a laugh with one of my private clients recently about how different their business has become – since being involved in my private coaching program.

Pre Wrighty” the business was a chaotic shamble of mixed systems, half completed tasks, every team member having their own way of doing things – and a general lack of control from the owner.

It was a classic case of the inmates running the asylum and the owner racing around putting out fires ,cleaning up the mess and feeling totally burnt out and frazzled at the end of every day.

Post Wrighty” – we see a very different picture.

As you can imagine – it is a place of order, systems, structure, checklists and procedures.

So how do you go from a workplace in total chaos to a place of order and structure?

The simple answer is to take control of the organisation by using the 3 keys of team management.

Key One – Have a written description of each task and exactly how you want it done – a manual if you like.

Key Two – Have key performance indicators for each of these tasks and procedures to ensure they are carried out to you satisfaction – this may be in the form of checklists, mystery shoppers – and even cameras ( yes cameras – I know you like that one).

Key Three – Have definite and detailed consequences that are enforced should the set tasks not be performed according to your satisfaction.

Now these 3 steps do not seem overly difficult – however it is amazing how many business owners do none of these things – and wonder why their business does not work the way they want it to.

Go figure.

I am a big Michael Gerber fan – the author of the “E-Myth” – one of my first business bibles – and one of Gerbers favourite expressions is to:

Remove Discretion at the Operating Level of the Business:”.

Meaning – the most successful business do not leave key decisions to the individual choices and preferences of each team member – the team members job is to follow the systems.

If one of my marketing systems is for all team members to perform a follow up phone call to all new clients within 24 hours of the first appointment – then that is what will happen.

It is not up to the individual team member to decide whether they do this call or not – they do not have a choice – simple.

If they want to have a choice on these matters – good for them – but they will need to do it from another business or from their own business  – not mine – end of discussion.

Too many business owners meekly give in to the demands and whims of their team members and end up feeling like the employee – not the boss.

Sound familiar?

The private client I mentioned at the start of this email told me that one of his team said to him:

The business was more fun before you got involved with that Paul Wright character“.

Are you interested in running a profitable and stress free business – or are you a provider of fun for your team members?

I know which one I would choose.

You have to ask yourself  the key question of business ownership:

Do you want to be liked or do you want to be respected?”

As a business owner – it is very difficult to be both – I choose respected ever day and twice on Sundays.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright