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This Business Tip Will Make You Thousands

I continue to be amazed at how many health businesses fail to collect complete and accurate information from each and every new client.
The detail your new clients include on their initial client forms can substantially increase the profits in any health business – provided the correct information is requested and enough detail is forthcoming.
Too many health businesses accept sub-standard and poorly explored answers to many of the questions on these forms – with the key offender being the old standby:
How did you hear about our clinic/ business?”.
Whilst this is at least some sort of attempt to find out where this new clients came from – and how they came to choose you as their health provider – the answers can sometime be totally useless.
My pet hate is when a health business owner accepts “Word of Mouth” as an answer to this question.
Other lame responses include “friend”, “family member”, “doctor”, “personal trainer”, or “Work Colleague”.
None of these responses assist you in your marketing or help you encourage these referrers to keep referring.
The issue is that there is not enough detail.
I want to know the friends name, the family members name and their relationship to the client, who the doctor was, who the trainer was and who the work colleague was and from which workplace.
One of the simplest marketing tips I can give you is to scroll down the list of referral sources from your most recent clients – and check for opportunities to increase your marketing to these referral sources.
If you notice an number of referrals from a local doctor – make sure you send them a personal thank you note – and make the effort to drop in to thank them in person.
If you see a couple of referrals from a local personal trainer – get on the phone asap to thank them – and even get them in for a free massage with one of your therapists as a special reward.
I can tell you from first hand experience – it is easier to increase referrals from people that are already referring – than to find totally new referrers.
I suggest you get your admin team together now and make sure they are finding out – in as much detail as possible – exactly how each and every new client found out about you and your business.
This simple step can easily increase your profits by over 30% – so get onto it now.
If you want to find out more about how to effectively market your health business – make sure you register for one of my “Ultimate Health Business Client Attraction Bootcamps” – you can check the coming dates and venues at the website below:
Paul Wright