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My Biggest Gamble Ever – Will It Work?

I am a pretty sensible guy – most of the time (although my wife and daughters may disagree) – and am not a huge risk taker.
Especially when it comes to money.
However –  I have been doing more and more research into the power of direct mail and have put my money where my mouth is.
I have just posted out my biggest ever direct mail campaign to a huge list of allied health professionals – and I can tell you now – I am absolutely terrified.
If this works – it will make a massive difference to my business – and open the door to a huge growth period in my business.
But if it fails – I will have learnt a very valuable lesson and will be eating home brand rice for a few months.
One thing I know for sure is that I will be tracking each and every lead, click and sale from this direct mail campaign.
There will be no cries of “I am not sure if it worked or not” from me.
As I said in my email last week about the Superbowl advert – I encourage you to do the same with regards your testing and measuring of your marketing campaigns.

I have specific links on each of the sales pieces I included in my big direct mail – so I can track with 100% accuracy (or as close as possible with todays technology) how many people responded to this campaign and exactly how much income it generated.

Do the same in your business – do not leave this to chance.

Remember – what you can measure you can manage.

For your interest the mailout included a sales piece promoting my upcoming “Ultimate Health Business Client Attraction Bootcamps” in Sydney and Melbourne this March.

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The other sales piece I included in the mailout was a 2 page information sheet promoting my “Paul’s Incredible Gift – $572.63 CD and DVD Package“.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright