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Grow Your Business by Watching the Cricket?

Let me set the scene for you.
I arrive home after a long day at the office – and collapse on the lounge to watch some mindless television.
However – when I flick the channels like many males do –  what am I confronted with?
A bombardment of reality television.
One station had the cooking show – “My Kitchen Rules“, another had “The Biggest Loser” (however I was already aware who was going to be the biggest loser that night), and the third station had the reality building show – “The Block“.
I am sure you can get the message that I am not a great fan of reality television – however – there is a business lesson here that you need to be aware of.
The general public are generally more concerned about other people, human interaction and celebrity goings on than they are about factual information or technical information.
They are more interested in the hard luck story behind some of the contestants than they are about the quality of their cooking, building, dancing, fitness program or singing.
How does this relate to you as a smart health business owner.
Here is the take home message.
Stop thinking about your marketing in the typical – highly technical way most health professionals usually do.
Instead of including articles in your business newsletter about the technical issues of knee pain – include the story of how one of your clients got over their knee problem and was able to cycle 2000km raising money for charity – and why this charity has such importance for that client.
Make your clients into mini celebrities by featuring their stories and making a big deal out of what they are doing.
II also , quite shamelessly I might add, suggest that you include in your newsletter regular updates on your family, your dog, your hobby, your health- and other items that reflect the nature of your life outside of the business.
Believe it or not – you – as their health professional – you are a mini celebrity to them – so let them into your world a little – so they feel more in touch with you as a person.
This will greatly increase the chance of that client “sticking” with you and referring their family and friends to you as well.
Your first thought is to drift into technical speak at every opportunity – I encourage you to fight this urge as best you can.
The success of reality television has show us the way – learn from what they are doing – even if you don’t understand it.
So where does the cricket come into this story?
Fortunately – one of the television stations had a Twenty20 cricket game on – so my viewing evening was still a success.
Even though I was forced to watch it on the small TV in the kitchen – as the girls were never going to give up their night of “reality” on the main television.
A lesson here for the different viewing habits and interests of the genders – but I will leave that for another time as I am sure to get myself into trouble.
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