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Now is the Time – Don’t Delay

I  always enjoy the start of a new year.


It  is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean , freshen up after a big year of  business highs and lows – and get back into it.


Hopefully  fresh, recharged and full of energy and enthusiasm.


However  it is also the time to make sure you have the correct foundations in place – to  build a successful year upon.


One  of these foundations – is without doubt – the collection and analysis of  accurate key performance indicators (KPI’S), performance figures and sound  Profit and Loss calculations.


In  fact – the first session of 2014 with my elite private coaching clients yesterday – was mostly about analysis of data from 2013 and making sure the  correct systems are in place to record and track 2014 data.


I  continue to be amazed at how many health business owners have such limited  knowledge of the key numbers in their business.


Without  question – the best and most successful business owners in the world – are the  ones who know their numbers the best.


Even  in my one on one coaching program – the clients who pay the most attention to  (and even get the most excited by) their numbers – are the ones making the most  money and enjoying the best quality of life as a result.


This  is not a coincidence.


If  there is one piece of advice that can help give you the best start to 2014 – it  is simply this:


Make  a concerted effort to get your KPIs and P and L data done as soon as possible  after the end of each month (some even weekly ) – and then set regular meetings  with your team members to go over their performance.


You  cannot play a game without keeping score – as the red hot Australian Cricket  team recently proved.


(A  quick apology to my large band of UK subscribers – I just couldn’t let the  chance to get a mention of cricket into this email somewhere – however I am sure  our Canadian and USA subscribers have no idea what I am talking  about).


All  sports have statistics and KPI’s associated with success – including averages,  strokes, targets – the list goes on.


Do  the same in your business in 2014.


Become  a student of the numbers and you will see immediate improvement.


As  one mentor once told me – and it is so true:


“What  you measure – improves”.


Good  luck with your analysis in 2014.



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