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Essential Business Lesson from an Australian Cricket Team Captain

OK  – lets start with a quick gloat about the Australian Cricket  Team regaining the ashes – well done boys.

However  – with the topic of cricket firmly in our minds (or at least my mind anyway) I  thought this was a good time to give you one of the best pieces of  business advice I ever received.


It  came from an unlikely source of business building tips and strategies – former  Australian Cricket team captain – Steve Waugh.


Steve  was being interviewed after another crushing victory by his side and he was  asked about the keys to his teams continued success.


His  answer has incredible value for all of us in sport, business and even in life –  he said:


Don’t  get too high when you are high or too low when you are  low“.


Simple  words but if you looks more closely at what he is saying – this message is vital  for all business owners.


It  is easy for health business owners to get caught up in the frenzy of a  successful marketing campaign, a great month of financial data, or a period  where everything you touch turns to gold.


These  successful periods – whilst great when they last  – must also be balanced with  the knowledge that a turn for the worse – may be just around the  corner.


As  Steve says – “Don’t get too high when you are  high“.


Certainly  enjoy your successes but make sure you are putting away money for when the tide  turns.


For  when your current top employee resigns and opens up down the road.


Or  for when the insurance companies change their regulations and reduce the rebate  they provide for your services.


On  the opposite side of Steve’s suggestion –  don’t let the world fall down around  you when things go pair shaped.


You  may be really struggling right now.


The  insurers are squeezing you tight, your marketing is not getting the cut through  you desire – or your team is in a state of rapid change – with lots of  resignations and holiday requests.


As  Steve says : “Don’t get too low when you are low“.


Business  is a cyclic pattern of feast and famine – as any long time business owner will  tell you.


My  suggestion is to follow Steve’s advice and always keep some balance on the highs  and lows of business ownership.


Think  long term.


Plan  for the down times when things are going well but also remember these good times  when things are not going as well as you would like.


In  the case of the English cricket team – they need to do the same  thing.


Less  than 6 months ago – they were on top of the world – having just flogged the  Aussies over in the UK – yet here they are – having the same medicine served up  to them.


Go  figure.


Business,  sport and life are always in a constant state of flux – with all of us just  holding on and hopefully – enjoying the ride.


That  is what makes it all so interesting.



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