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It’s That Time of Year Again – My Warning to You

It is amazing how fast this year has passed – as it only seems like yesterday I issued my yearly warning about the “Six Words of Death” you and your team must never say as we approach Xmas.


These six words can have a deadly impact on your December and January P and L statements – as well as potentially carry over into a poor February.

In case you are new to my email list or have forgotten the lesson from last year  – the “Six Words of Death” that need to be avoided like the plague – as we get closer to Christmas are:


“Call Me In The New Year” – usually said at the end of a clients last consult before Xmas in relation to their next session or booking.


As I mentioned in my email this time last year – these words sound harmless enough – but are really saying to your clients:


“I need to have a holiday – so let’s put your rehabilitation on hold while I freshen up – and we will get you back on track in January”.


Remember the number one rule when it comes to booking appointments at your health business:


“Never let the client be in charge of when the next appointment is booked”


You are the professional – you decide when the next session is to be held – don’t leave it for the client to call you in the new year.


The best case is for you to have a therapist on duty over the Xmas break (except public holidays) so all clients can continue their rehab programs – even in a slightly reduced format.


The next best option – if no holiday coverage is available – is to make a definite appointment for the first available time after the Xmas period – but make sure you give the client excellent instructions and a strict home exercise program to maintain their gains.


I encourage all health professionals to meet with your team asap and remind them of the importance of cross referral to the holiday therapist – or at least make a definite appointment for when you and the client are both back from holidays.


Failure to act on this NOW can set you up for a poor start to 2014 – and put serious strain on your new year bank statements.


You have been warnedyet again.



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