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Are You Getting Ripped Off – Like This Doctor?

As many of you know – I am extremely protective of my time – and want to make every minute count.

Imagine my frustration when my local doctor was over 60 minutes late calling me into his room for a scheduled appointment – even though I rang less than 2 hours before to check if he was running on time.

The helpful admin person happily informed me when I rang that “The doctor is on schedule so please come at the set time”.

As my appointment time came and went – I became more irate the longer I sat in the waiting room.

However –  in my usual “how can I get value out of this situation” approach- I started observing the activities of the admin person in closer detail.

I had a great vantage point to see what was happening.

The waiting room was just around the corner from the main admin desk – but I was still able to see the admin persons computer screen – without her realising I could see it.

Let’s see what she gets up to.

What I observed was bordering on fraud – but was certainly theft.

Time theft.

This admin person – spent the full hour I was observing –  flicking back and forth between facebook, twitter and her private email account – interrupted only by calls on her mobile and to send a few text messages.

Busily typing personal messages and updates – so she appeared productive to anyone not aware of what she was actually working on.

She quickly minimized  these programs when the doctor came out of his room – and only sometimes when the phone rang and she had to make an appointment for a patient.

Whilst I saw some humour in the situation – ie. me being kept waiting by a doctor being totally ripped off.

It did get me thinking about the incredible waste of manpower and resources we see in many businesses  – and the owner working away – none the wiser – while their team steal time and money from the owners pockets.

I don’t have time in this article to offer a complete solution, however I do know many employers (me being one) – who had their tech guys block all social media sites from work computers.

I know others who make employees place all mobiles and electronic devices in their lockers before starting work.

And others – I love this – who installed 24/7 video cameras at the front desk.

Love it.

I encourage all health business owners to take control of the “time theft” in your business and ensure all team members give a full days work for a full days pay.

It is only fair.

The issue of “staff control” and ” compliance” is one of the major topics I will be covering in the upcoming Australian seminar series — I am sure you will enjoy the content – as controversial as it may be.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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