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Bouris One – Schwarzenegger Nil

As many of you know – I cut my teeth in the bodybuilding world back in the 1980’s and as a result was a big fan of the Austrian Oak – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So when I heard that Arnold would be in Sydney to present a lecture at a financial mastery seminar – I made sure I got a ticket.

What a hoot.

It was great to see him in person – and also enjoy his presentation.

However – the real star of the show for me was founder of Wizard Home Loans and the boss on Australian Celebrity Apprentice – Mark Bouris.

I had never heard Mark speak before – but he was a real class act – humble, entertaining and well informed – a great session.

My favourite part of the whole day was Mark’s story about how he had to go into a meeting with Kerry Packer where Kerry was to sign off on his purchase of Wizard Home Loans from Mark.

A multi-million dollar deal.

In this meeting Kerry asked Mark a number of questions – just to be sure he was making the right decision in buying Mark’s home loan company.

The question that most resonated with me was when Kerry asked him:

Tell  me son – what are you actually selling at Wizard“.

Mark was a little taken aback – as he had just spent 3 months with Packer’s team going over every detail of the Wizard home loan company.

Just as Mark was about to give his reply – Kerry interrupted and said:

Let me give you a hint – it is not ——- home loans

Mark was now really confused as this is exactly what he thought he was selling.

Packer then said – “You don’t sell home loans – you sell hopes and dreams“.

What a sensational description of what Mark and his team were all about at Wizard.

So -how does this apply to you in health care?

Well – think about it.

We get so caught up in the technical delivery of our product or service that we sometimes forget what we are actually selling to our clients.

As Kerry would say :

You are not selling ——— health care“.

You are selling the way people feel when they use your product or service.

They may feel relief from the stress of not being able to walk to the shops to get groceries for the family.

Confidence knowing they will recover in time for their football grand final.

Or pride in being able to return to work – earn a wage – and pay for their child’s upcoming school excursion – that the child has been looking forward to for years.

You are not selling health care.

I suggest you all take the time to find out why each and every client is coming to see you – then – and only then – can you truly connect with your client and help them achieve a great outcome.

I welcome your comments.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright