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Is It Time to Quit Health Care?

I remember having a discussion with my beautiful wife Helen many years ago – after we had been let down by the actions of a team member at one if our clinics.

She said “Maybe we should have opened an ice cream shop instead of a health business“.

I laughed at the time – but on reflection there are many advantages to operating an ice cream shop over a health business.

Not the least of which is the availability of a suitable – and relatively cheap – labour supply.

In my current private coaching client list – more than 50% are having their growth plans and dreams slowed due to the lack of available and suitably qualified team members.

Maybe it is too drastic – but I am going to say it anyway.

I am not convinced I would encourage a health professional to open a health business in the current economic climate – unless that were 100% sure they could staff the business with high quality professionals.

In fact – I was speaking to a high profile immigration lawyer only yesterday – about steps we can take as health business owners to recruit overseas trained professionals.

I have even arranged to do an interview with him on this topic for my Profit Club program – as I feel we need to be pro-active in our recruitment processes to ensure our future success.

So what can we do about the staff shortage?

I think one of the best steps is to make sure you are always on the lookout and actively advertising for potential team members.

Even is you do not have a current position available.

Keep your advert on continual rotation on Seek and/or My Career.

Maintain your journal adverts in the employment section of your professional association journals.

Add a “Join Our Team” page to your website – so you can attract potential professionals and get their details 24/7.

You should also keep a database of past job applicants who contacted you when you did not have a position for them – and keep in regular contact with them.

It is only by giving your hiring and recruitment the attention it deserves – can you partly ward off the impact of chronic staff shortages in health care.

Don’t beĀ  a victim – stay active in the marketplace and keep your name out there.

By the way – I love ice cream – so maybe an ice cream shop would not have been a bad option.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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