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How to Use the Foam Roller for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

New Session from the Melbourne Tigers Physiotherapist- Foam Roller Essentials


Current Melbourne Tigers Physiotherapist and high profile educator Robert De Nardis has just released a new video onto our online educational portals and
As well as his work with the Melbourne Tigers, Robert is the owner of Sandringham Sports Medicine in Melbourne and director of the Melbourne Whiplash Centre- so he adds a wealth of knowledge to the mentor team.
In this recent session Robert presents an educational seminar he delivered to a group of junior basketballers – which was a repeat of the same session he delivered to his Melbourne Tigers team.
In the session – titled “An Introduction to the Foam Roller” – Robert outlines a range of exercises and soft tissue techniques that all heath professionals and trainers can use in their rehabilitation and conditioning sessions.
This is also a great session for any professional looking to deliver educational seminars on this topic to their clients and other local fitness centres – an excellent way to increase your profile and improve your client number.
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Here is a brief overview of what is covered in this new “An Introduction to the Foam Roller” presentation – with Robert De Nardis:


–          The different types of foam rollers and when to use each roller.

–          The “flush massage” technique used by NBL basketballers to improve recovery post game.

–          The number one factor that leads to injury in sport and how to use the foam roller to prevent them.

–          How to use the foam roller to reduce trigger points in many body parts.

–          How to prevent calf problems , reduce trigger points and increase core stability in one foam roller exercise.

–          The best foot position to use when doing gluteal releases with foam rollers.

–          A 3 stage progression for quads releases using the foam roller.

–          How to use the foam roller to challenge core stability and mobilize the thoracic spine at the same time.

–          Why the foam roller is not just for ITB releases and how to maximise its use as a pre game warmup and a post game muscle relaxer.

–          The part of the body that should never be worked on with the foam roller – do you know where it is?

–          How to use the foam roller as a post workout relaxation tool.
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