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Hiring Health Professionals

If there is one key cause of health business failure it has to be in the area of staff recruitment.

I have lost count of the number of time a previously well performing health business has been negatively impacted by a poor hiring decision made the well meaning business owner.

Jim Collins – in his excellent book “How to Mighty Fall” pointed out that one of the main reasons previously successful businesses fall into decay is because they:

Expand faster than their ability to fill the key seats on the bus“.

In other words these businesses – due to rapid expansion – are forced to hire team members who are not the right fit for the business – leading to poor product quality and reduced profits.

I am sure many of you are familiar with this mistake – forced to employ a health professional who is not exactly suitable for the role, lives 90 mins away, can only work limited hours, has less experience than you would prefer or is planning a 2 year overseas holiday.

It is easy to sit in judgement of health professionals making this mistake – however the only solution is to make your business so attractive to potential applicants that you become a “preferred employer“.

Once you reach this status – you will have a line of applicants applying for each position which then gives you the ability to choose more suitable applicant – instead of just taking whoever applies.

A mentor of mine was once asked:

When do you compromise and employ a person who is not 100% right for the business

His answer was:

NEVER – you are better off with no-one than having the wrong person in your business”.

Easy to say – I know – but I think it is a valid answer.

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