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How to Increase Your New Client Number

At my recent Australian Marketing Bootcamp series we discussed a wide range of ideas and methods to increase the number of clients using your health services.
One area we covered was the importance of an effective online strategy – especially the addition of a blog to your website.
Now before you say – “That’s way to nerdy and geeky for me” – you have to realise that you MUST have an online presence.
And a blog is an easy way to increase your online footprint and help the search engine ranking of your website.
For those now familiar with blog -it is simply an addition to your website – like lots of extra webpages – where you can post useful content and information that you clients and potential clients can learn from.
It may be a short article on how to prevent knee pain, six stretches all people must do, information on how to lose weight or eat healthy.
These blog posts – once added to your website – may then come up in searches done by people researching these topics online.
Which ultimately may lead this potential client from the blog post – back to your website and then into your business as a new client.
The other benefit of a blog is that Google and the other search engines like websites that are dynamic and have pages being added to them regularly.
So a health professionals website – that has an active and regularly updated blog – will typically rank better for generic searches than a static website that is rarely updated.
So ask your web designer to add a blog to your website asap – and start posting some good quality content.
If you need assistance with your blog and how to do it – you can always contact my web designer – Derek Rescei – at   – he can get you started in no time.

Best Wishes

Paul Wright