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Chiropractors Win Again

A quick scan of yesterdays Daily Telegraph newspaper in NSW gave a clear indication on who is winning the marketing war between allied health professionals.

The main story on Page 3 – one of the best read pages in a newspaper – had the headline:

“Bad back in fashion for high-heeled”

A story about how thousands of fashion victims are limping into their chiropractors every year with back and neck injuries caused by high heels and skinny jeans.

The story came from the Chiropractic Association of Australia who surveyed their members and found an estimated 2160 cases a year of what they termed “fashion related afflictions”.

The article includes a quote from the CAA national president as well as comments from a local chiropractor.

Brilliant – don’t you think.

The story is a simple example of how to keep the profile of your profession high in the minds of the general public and keep Chiropractors at the front of peoples minds should pain and injury strike.

What is the lesson for other allied health professionals and our respective associations.

We need to look for every opportunity to get media coverage – be it newspaper, radio, magazine and internet exposure.

Write articles for local papers, pen a regular “ask an expert ” column in the popular magazines and be available for comments on topical health issues.

We generally need to court the media by providing great content and helping these publications fill their pages.

So get out there and raise the profile of you, your practice and your profession – don’t wait for the reporters to knock on your door.

Take action NOW.

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Paul Wright