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The Essential Business Strategy for Health Professionals Is ….

Having just completed our recent series of “Marketing Bootcamps” in Australia – it became obvious to me that many health business owners are wasting a large part of their marketing budget by not testing the results of each and every marketing campaign.

It is absolutely essential that all health business owners test and measure everything – this is one of the “Essential Business Strategies”.

Recently a one on one coaching client – recently told me how the yellow pages rep backpedalled when he produced the exact statistics from his last 12 months of yellow pages activity.

The ad rep can boast all they like about readership, scope, exposure and ROI – but at the end of the day my client’s statistics did not make this form of advertising an effective media to continue with.

Now I am not saying for a second that you stop your current yellow pages advert – because of the bad results my client achieved – that would be dumb – because this media may work very well for your business in your area.

What I am saying is to make sure you track exactly how many calls you receive from each media and advert ,how many clients you end up with, and the financial value of these clients to you business.

Only then are you able to make a valid and accurate decision if you should continue with this advertising media  – or look to other advertisiing options that may be more beneficial.

One of my mentors once told me:

“Measurement eliminates argument”.

I think we all can benefit from getting sharper and more accurate with our measurement – especially in relation to advertising and marketing investment.

I welcome your comments on this topic.

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