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Success is Not a Full Appointment Book?

I was speaking to a health business owner last week about his business progress and he proudly said:

“I am flat out and have a full appointment book – so I must be doing something right”

He was correct in one sense – as he has been able to build a solid referral based business that gives him a regular income.

However – on closer inspection – he also revealed the following points – that change to some extent the level of success he is actually achieving:

– He has been in business for over 6 years in the same location

– He has one part time associate who is not able to keep his book anywhere near as busy as the owners.

– He is working very long hours and is not spending any time with his growing family.

– He does little or no external marketing – relying on internal referrals from his current loyal database.

Does this sound familiar?

Now whilst I applaud this professionals skills and work ethic – there are many obvious flaws to his current business model that must be addressed if he is to achieve any level of true business success.

He also needs to be aware that he actually does not have a business – he has a job – and he is slave to the business.

One of my mentors once told me that the definition of a business is:

“A successful profitable enterprise that works without you”

Unfortunately we don’t learn any of the essential ingredients of running a successful health business in our undergraduate training – so in spite of our incredible technical skill level – we can end up burnt out, tired and wishing we had chosen a different career path altogether.

I suggested to this business owner to get some external help – in terms of a business consultant – to help him draft up a plan of action and implement the steps needed to remove himself from the day to day provision of the actual treatment sessions and focus more on business development and strategic system implementation.

He also needs a strategic marketing plan to ensure his current and future associates have full appointment books and are making the owner some excellent passive income

To this end I suggested he get along to one of my “Ultimate Health Business Client Attraction Bootcamps” coming up in November in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – at least he will walk away with a marketing plan in place.

If you find yourself in a similar postion to the business owner I spoke to – then I suggest you join him at the upcoming bootcamps.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright