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My Boss is an Idiot

If you want to have a great health business – one that gives you a great lifestyle and excellent profits – you are going to need a great team.

I have been commenting in my recent posts about some of the classic mistakes made by health professionals when they are interviewing potential team members – and I thought I would continue the trend in this week’s entry.

Here is a classic hiring mistake you need to understand – because it can cost you thousands of dollars – and a lot of stress.

I call it “The Boss is an Idiot Mistake” – you will see why in a moment.

One of the most common questions we all ask our applicants during the interview is the old standby:

“Why did you leaving your last job?”

The range of answers you get is quite amazing, however the reply you need to be most careful about as a potential employer – goes something like:

“Because the business owner was an idiot”

This statement is then rapidly followed by detailed explanation of all the dumb and selfish things their last employer did during their time of employment.

Sound familiar?

Now in my early business owner stage I would to empathize with the applicants situation – thinking what a poor manager of people the former employer was and re-assured the applicant that the circumstances they endured in their last job will never happen should they join my business.

But over the years I learned a valuable lesson – the hard way mind you.

I was next in line – I was the next idiot.

I can guarantee you with 100% accuracy – that if a job applicant starts complaining about their last boss and the terrible conditions they endured – then you will be the boss they will be whinging about in their next interview.

Great people don’t speak negatively about their past positions – they praise the good things they learnt ,value the relationships they developed and leave on a positive note.

Don’t fall into the “that won’t happen here” trap – you are just lining up to be the next punching bag.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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