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The Biggest Secret to Getting Good Staff in Health Care Is?

I was whinging to one of my mentors once about the difficulty I was having in finding the right team members for my health clinics – and in a deadpan voice he said:

“You get the people you deserve”.

I have since heard this comment repeated multiple times in many seminars and lectures – by very high profile experts – so this must have some basis as a hiring tip.

But what does it actually mean?

Essentially the business experts and mentors are saying that the better your business becomes – the higher quality of applicant you will attract.

Have you ever noticed that the best health businesses – the ones that look the most professional, have the best staff training systems, the best marketing systems, the charismatic and high profile leader etc etc – are the ones with the best team members?

This is not an accident.

Good people are attracted to places where they can grow, contribute, learn, make a difference and share in a bigger vision.

Who wants to work in a dimly lit, shabbily put together, unprofessional and poorly systematized business – I know I would’nt.

So what does this mean to you as a business owner trying to attract excellent team members?

Here are a few ideas:

– Make sure your business is spotlessly clean and tidy at all times.

– Ensure uniforms are clean , professional and compulsory – including name badges

– Have systems and manuals in place so everyone knows what their role is and how to do it.

– Have a structured and intensive professional development program that is widely recognised as the gold standard in your area of expertise.

– Have a larger picture of where your business is going and share this vision with all team members BEFORE they join your team.

– Ensure all team members have structured and measured KPI’s and goals – with regular review sessions to check all is going well.

Do you get the message?

It is impossible to attract and keep great team members if you do not look to improve the overall quality and perception of your health business.

So take a look around your current business – is it inviting to a potential new team member – or does it look like a poorly run operation that is struggling to keep the doors open?

Then put yourself in the potential employees shoes- would you be excited, motivated and enthusiastic about joining your company?

If not – then you have some work to do.

There is always a supply of labour out there – but the quality of the applicant depends very heavily on the quality for your business – never forget that.

I welcome your comments on this topic.

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