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Are You Wasting Time Hiring Duds For Your Health Business?

Many of you have registered for and watched my latest webinar – “The Top 20 Hiring Mistakes That Will Keep Your Chained to Your Health Business Forever”.

One of the mistakes I mention in this presentation is that we – the hard working employer – ofter waste an incredible amount of time dealing with, interviewing and liasing with applicants who are – excuse the expression – DUDS.

Sorry for the harsh reality of this but as business owners we have to face the fact there are a large number of job applicants that are just not suited to our clinics or businesses.

I think your most important asset is your time- and as a health business owner you should treat it like gold – and be more ruthless in your interviews and culling procedures.

Start with a preliminary telephone interview or e-mail exchange.

If the person doesn’t feel right when you speak to them on the phone, if they have not bothered to check out your website or they want to work with sports teams but this is not your market, then politely say:

“I’m sorry but I just don’t think you would be the right fit for our business”.

You don’t have to go into any more detail and waste any more time.

This is not a personal attack on the applicant but a simple statement of fact.

There is a position out there for this person – so to continue any further with their application is not only wasting your time but stopping the applicant from finding a position that is the right fit for them.

I also suggest that you tell the potential applicant (once they have passed the quick chat phone call stage) to drop into your business at their leisure and have a look around.

Then – after this initial visit – if they are still interested in applying – they need to contact you to make a formal time for an interview.

Once again – you don’t want to waste your time on applicants that may not be serious – make sure they are pre-qualified and like what you have to offer BEFORE you waste any of your precious time doing an interview.

This “Pre Interview Visit” strategy works well if you have a great looking clinic, with lots of professionals and a great vibe – as the potential employee gets to see what a great place you run and will want to be part of it.

I used to always send potential applicants to one of my nicest gym based clinics – usually the ones with the indoor pool and millions of dollars worth of rehabilitation equiment.

This gave me a distinct advantage come the interview – as the potential therapist already wanted to be part of my team.

Meaning I could be more reserved with items such as wages and conditions when push came to shove in the final negotiation stages of the employment application process.

If you want to find out the rest of my “Top 20 Hiring Mistakes that Decrease Profits, Increase Stress and Keep You Chained to Your Health Business Forever and Mistakes” make sure you click on the link  below to find out more and to register for the webinar.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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